15 Fun and Easy Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Are you in need of indoor herb garden ideas for your DIY projects list? Growing herbs can be super easy but it may pose some challenges, especially if you don’t have enough space outside. Don’t fret, because the solution to this problem is just inside your home and that’s a DIY indoor herb garden! If you have not thought about it, these indoor garden notions will teach you how and you’ll fulfill your gardening itch and reap fresh herbs at the same hour!

Inspiring Indoor Herb Garden Ideas For Any Home

1. Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging your herbs will give you more space. Build your own hanging horizontal garden inside your home with this DIY tutorial. This easy DIY transforms a few easy-to-find materials into a perfect indoor hanging herb garden which can fit even in the tiniest space.

2. Indoor Fairy Garden

Whoever told fairies canat come inside? Indoor gardening notions arenat always about potting soil and receptacles. This herb garden design will add some magicals to any kitchen. Learn how to make an adorable fairy garden to house your precious herbs while doubling as beautiful home decor.

3. Rainy Pot Indoor Herb Garden

Growing herbs indoors can add color to your kitchen. Add this rainy pot to your indoor garden to have something colorful and fun. This is something both children and adults will surely enjoy. Just look at those bright colourings!

4. Coffee Tin Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

This is super simple and easy to do. This coffee tin hanging herb garden will give you fresh herbs every time you need them. Your kitchen is the perfect place for this window herb garden. All you have to do is reach up and pluck.

5. One Pot

Ever heard of one-pot dinners? Well, this is your one-pot herb garden. The best kitchen herb garden notions are the ones which save space. Youall have everything you need in a one-stop container, so what more could you ask for?

6. Upside Indoor Plants

Need some inspiration for your DIY indoor herb garden? This upside indoor plants DIY herb planter is a great idea! Either make a row or do a little layering, add some illuminations, and you have a living chandelier to brighten up any room in your house.

7. Drawer Indoor Herb Garden

Do you have an old drawer you don’t use anymore? Transform it into an amazingA drawer herb garden. Insert some lining and pots and youall have a wonderful indoor herb garden kit. This container garden can be done in similar items like a pencil drawer tuck inside a kitchen drawer.

8. Chalk Paint Herb Garden

This is something you can work on over the weekend and become your ultimate DIY weekend project. All you have to do is coat your pots with chalkboard paint and label each planter.

9. Pegboard Indoor Herb Garden

Have you ever wanted a mason jar herb garden displayed in your kitchen? Grab a pegboard, some hookings, and old mugs or mason jars, and youare all set for this easy DIY. Just turn them upright when itas time to water.

10. DIY Clothespin Herb Planters

Want to do a little upcycling project for the home while growing herbs? Spend close to nothing and make these DIY herb planters. Gather all the clothespins you can find and assemble them into a cute and rustic planter!

11. Mason Jar Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

Looking for a DIY project featuring mason jars? This mason jar horizontal herb garden will be your favorite mason jar project. Itas pretty to look at and will save you a lot of space in your kitchen as well.

12. Bottle Gardens

Got old bottles in your household? Use them as bottle garden full of fresh herbs. This design also self-waters and maintains a well-drained clay for your plants. Growing herbs indoors have never been so easy!

13. Herb Garden Kettle Style

Indoor herb garden notions with old kettles will give any kitchen a rustic ambiance. Weave employed a couple of mugs and mason jars earlier this is why it merely stimulates sense to also upcycle some kettles for your indoor garden.

14. Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

Grab some mason jars and plant your assortment of herbs in these glass containers. If you had a hard time doing the horizontal mason jar garden, then you can give this mason jar DIY herb garden a try.

15. Gutters Herb Garden

Repurpose gutters into an easy indoor herb gardenA but be sure there are no drainage holes! You wouldnat want water spilling all over when you water the herbs. You can also use chalkboard paint on the wall to label each planter.

Need more tips on how to maintain your indoor herb garden? Check out this quick video from essortment !

Gardening doesnat always have to be outside your backyard. When you donat have enough space or dread the weather outside will limit the growth of your herbs, grow them indoors. Not merely will you have a steady supply of fresh herbs but youall also have some living home decoration at no extra cost.

Which of these indoor herb garden ideas isA your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments segment below !

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