15 Piglets That Are Even Cuter Than Kittens

Love pigs? Get a look at these teeny tiny piglets! They’re so cute… Some might say they’re even cuter than kittens or pygmy goatsbut remember folks, a piglet is a lot of responsibility!!! While pigs can make great pets, please consider your options before owning one!

15 Piglets That Are Even Cuter Than Kittens

Piglets are so adorable and ridiculous too! Just look how all these piglets enjoy the beach, sun bathing, dancing and playing! They just don’t fail to make our day more amusing. So sit back, relax and enjoy these cute piglet pictures!

1. Beach Time

Image via fascinately

Looks like this pretty stylish pig loves to pose in her cute bathing suit on the beach!

2. Sun Bathing


This adorable piglet takes cuteness over the top. Pull up a chair!

3. We’re Ballet Dancers


Meet the most adorable ballet dancers. Aren’t they lovely?

4. Look, I Am Here!


Did someone order a side of cuteness? Talk about adorable!

5. We Just Love Teacups


Oink, oink, nudge, nudge! They seemed to be having the best day ever.

6. Spots on Spots!


They are simply adorable, aren’t they!

7. I So Love My Crib

Image via indulgy

What could possibly be cuter? That warm and cozy nook is that piglets happy place.

8. Where’s My Mama…

Image via tumblr

This cute tiny pig is in the act of asking, “Where is my mama?”

9. We’re sooo Hat!


The best and the most effective pile of piglets ever. Cuteness overload!

10. Me And My Favorite Toy

Image via ttumblr

This piglet has a purple best friend.

11. I’m Staying Inside Today


This is the perfect place to cool down on a hot day! Almost too cute to handle.

12. Taco Piglet


This cute little one here looks adorable dressed up in a taco outfit.

13. That’s My Ball

Image via site.people

Look how excited and playful they are! So adorable!

14. How Do You Like My Bow Tie?

Image via instagram

He may be the shy guy, but with that bowtie, what a lady killer!

15. I Look Better With My Bow Tie

This cute piglet looks so snazzy. Maybe he’s got a hot date…but it looks like he already ate!

Check this video from HowcastArtsRec and learn how to take care of a pig:

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