17 Camping Hackers To Induce Life Easier

Camping hacks induce your life easier when you’re in the woods trying to enjoy the outdoors.A Camping is all about reconnecting with the outdoors and represent one with nature. Reaffirming your relationship with mother nature doesn’t have to be hard, all thanks to our ingenuity and resourcefulness. If you want to construct your next camping trip-up easier and more enjoyable, check out these awesome camping tricks and hacks.

17 Camping HacksA For a Hassle-freeA OutdoorA Trip

1. Make Homemade Fire Starters

How to Construct a Fire by Homesteading

You can make a fire easily and not waste precious time if you know several options forA a firestarter. These firestarters will be helpful for your next camping trip.

2. Learn How to Start a Fire

How to Start a Flame Without Matches by Homesteading

One of the most important things you will be required to bring in your camping journey is matches or lighters but there are hours we missed to include it in our pack. Good thing there are other ways to start a fire than matches. Find out how and be the cool kid at the campsite.

3. Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Organizer

Turn a Shoe Organizer into the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Organizer by Life Hacker

Cooking in the outdoors can be tricky. There will be instances where you can’t find a particular flavouring or utensil you need because your things are everywhere. Get everything organized and learn how to make an outdoor kitchen organizer.

4. Headlamp Lantern

Turn a Headlamp Into A Lantern by Creative Green Living

Need more sunlight? No need to bring a big and bulky lamp. All you need is a translucent milk jug and a headlamp. This DIY lanternA is one cool camping stuff which will illuminate your nights in the wild.

5. Pre-Scrambled Eggs in a Bottle

aStore Pre-Scrambled Eggs in a Bottle for No-Mess Camping Food by Life Hacker

Start your day right by having scrambled eggs for breakfast. However, carrying eggs in your backpack or cooler might violate them. This hackwill build cook scrambled eggs easier for you without leaving any mess.

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a Survival Life (@ SurvivalLF) July 14, 2015

6. Mini First Aid Kit

Re-use Your Empty Prescription Pill Bottles by Chasing Green

You’ll never know when road traffic accidents may happen while camping. Be prepared without “ve had to” carry a lot with this DIY first aid kit .~ ATAGEND

7. DIYA Fridge

Genius Camping Hacks by Happy Money Saver

Keep your food fresh longer by freezing water in jugs. All you will be required to do is fill empty milk jugs with water and freeze it. Add it to your cooler before heading outdoors. This will not only save you fund but you will also have cold water to drink when it melts.

8. Know How to Camp in The Rain

The weather can be unpredictable. A bright day in the timbers can suddenly turn into a rainy outdoor trip. Be prepared and know what to do in case it rains.

9. Learn How to Navigate in the Wild

There can be instances when your phone will run out of juice and navigating your way out of the woods or to your campsite can be a bit difficult. You don’t rely on technology to get you where you have to be. All you need is a proper know-how to find your route in the wild.

10. Pop-up Trash Can

The Pop-Up Trash Can by Camping Kitchen and Tips

A camping hack for just$ 1 is very valuable. As they say,” take nothingA but paintings, leave nothing but footprints .” A Treat mother nature with utmost respect and don’t leave your trash just lying around.A Always maintain cleanliness around your campsite.

11. DIY Soap Pouch

Soap Pouch by Whimsy Love

We all know the importance of hygiene in our everyday lives irrespective where we are, but it can be a challenge to bring soap along for it can leave a mess in your backpack. Don’t get soap on everything by making this easy sewing project .~ ATAGEND

12. Do Some Wildlife Photography Like a Pro

There are a lot of astounds in store for you if you wish to experience wild. Capture those precious moments and amazing wildlife through your camera lenses.

13. Make Campfire Pizza

Pizza in the wilderness? Yaasss! You can still savor your favorite pizza recipe even when you’re out in the wild. Since pizza parlors don’t do deliveries in the woods, learn how to attain your own with this recipe .~ ATAGEND

14. Delish Camping Snacks

You don’t compromise your snacks when you’re out in the wild. You can still feed healthy, mouthwatering food with these easy camping menu ideas.

15. Bring Foil Wrapped Food

Easy Foil Wrapped Camping Recipes For Outdoor Meals byA Homesteading

Make your camp food more enjoyable and easy to prepare with aluminum foil. Flavor-packed dinners can turn your camping trip into a more delectable experience.

16. Maintain A Duct Tape Handy

Duct tape can be a satisfactory solution for just about anything, provide you a little ingenuity. It can repair a tear, you can make a rope out of it, a fly trap, a temporary ankle strap, and the list will go on and on. However, carrying it can take some precious space in your backpack. So instead of rummaging through your backpack to find a duct tape, you wrap it around a water bottle. It can save you space and it will easier for you to find it when you need it.

17. Packing

One of the more common problems of a camping novice is packing. To a novice, packing their camping gears and garment can be a bit daunting. As much as possible we want to save space when packing for your journey. Rolling your shirts and putting them inside your socks is a great way to create more space inside your pack. This is one of the most useful camping tricks for beginners and an awesome refresher for seasoned campers.

Can’t get enough of camping hacks? Here are 25 more camping hacks from list2 5 :

These camping hacks will make your next camping trip more convenient and exciting. If you are armed with ingenious camping hackers, things will be a lot easier when you’re left at the compassion of mother nature. When you are prepared and knowledgeable, you can manage anything life hurls in your route. Have a safe trip!

Do you know more camping hackers? We would like to know more about it. Share us your thoughts in the comments section below ! Up Next : A Make A Cowboy Bedroll For Comfort While Camping


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