20 Burlap Sack Uses (Not Just a Bag of Potatoes)

Looking for burlap sack uses? This is one of the most useful pieces of material to have on hand, here are 15 ideas for burlap sack uses to get you started.

20 Burlap Sack Uses

Being a homesteader for years now, I have come across burlap sacks on more than one occasion. I’d have to say it’s something every homesteader should have around all the time. Not only are they great for storing stuff, but there are a lot of other creative uses for them too. From craft projects to home decor, the list just goes on and on. The burlap sack is way more useful than just a bag of potatoes. So if you’re still not sure where you can use your burlap sacks, then read on. I’m sure you’ll keep one handy all the time after reading this!

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And now for details…

1. Store food

This may be the most obvious solution, but I think it’s still worth mentioning. Stock or move your produce in them.

2. Burlap for Gardening

Did you know that burlap is the most under utilized item in gardening? You’ll be surprised with all the great uses it has for your garden.

3. DIY Burlap Market Bag

This is an easy sewing project that will save you money on a market bag. Get the tutorial here.

4. Garden Tipi for Toddlers

Something easy you can assemble in the garden or even indoors. The kids will surely love this! See how you can make it here.

5. Painted Grain Sack Burlap Vase

Make a cute vase from burlap. Tutorial here.

6. Burlap Sack Apron

An upcycling project you can make. How cute is this?

7. DIY Curtains

Make your own curtains. This is something simple that will add a rustic look to your home. Perfect for the kitchen. See tutorial here.

8. DIY Decoupaged Coffee Sack Furniture Cabinet

For this burlap sack idea, a little decoupage goes a long way. Get the tutorial here.

9. DIY Burlap Messenger Bag

Make a great companion for your trips. It’s so cute and easy to make. Check it out here.

10. Burlap Handbag

In case you’re not feeling the messenger bag tutorial, this handbag will be great.

11. Burlap Coffee Bag Pillow

I love how these pillows turned out! Using burlap coffee bean bags is a great way to get fun prints. Get the tutorial here.

12. Coffee Bag Bulletin Board

You’ll know exactly where to post your important messages and reminders when you make this DIY bulletin board. See how here.

13. Fabric Box

Make a burlap box, and store your items the shabby-chic way. Here’s how.

14. Grain Sack Chair Upcycle

Thi upholstery project will give your dining tables that wonderful rustic-farm feel! Get the steps here.

15. Pottery Barn Grain Sack Lamp Shade

This lampshade is a pottery barn hack you’ll be glad you made! Full tutorial here.

16. Burlap Christmas Stockings

This burlap Christmas stocking could be your new favorite craft! It’s not only a great way to recycle burlap sacks but it’s also a great arts and crafts activity for those with kids! Get the full tutorial here.

17. Burlap Wreath

Wreaths are amazing decorations for our homes, but have you tried making a wrath from burlap sacks? It looks great and you can change it easily according to the season! Get the tutorial here.

18. Burlap Pumpkins

For Halloween or Thanksgiving, or any other time of the year! You can make these burlap pumpkins easily to decorate your house. Get the DIY tutorial here.

19. Rustic Burlap Pencil Holder

You might be bored with the way your pencil holder looks today but you don’t need to throw away! Give it a new life with this DIY burlap idea! Here’s how to do it.

20. Burlap & Lace Table Runner

For a fall wedding, or a thanksgiving dinner, or just for daily usage this burlap and lace table runner could be your new favorite item! Here’s the DIY instructions.

What do you think of these burlap sack uses? Did we miss any? Share with us in the comments!

Want to see how to make a burlap tote bag? Watch the video tutorial from spoolsandbobbins:

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