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25 Effective Uses of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has many astounding benefits from teeth brightening to purifying air and water. Activated charcoal is a miracle worker that deserves a spot in your homestead cupboard.

25 Ingenious Ways To Use Of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of Mother Nature’s many natural wonders. This one component has stunning purifying, cleansing, and healing qualities. Activated charcoal absorbs poisonous toxins, eliminating these impurities from water, air, and even from inside our bodies. Read all about the effective uses of activated charcoal below.

1. Bar Soap

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Detoxify, exfoliate, and eliminate skin impurities with charcoal soap. What’s great about this charcoal soap recipe is, it also has the calming aroma of lavender and refreshing effect of mint.

2. Clarifying Charcoal Facial Mask

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Clean your face with a clarifying charcoal facial mask. This clarifying face mask will aid dispose of oils and many other skin impurities, leaving the skin clear and soft.

To create a clarifying facial mask, add 5 milligrams or a teaspoon of powdered activated charcoal to a warm water until you’ve made a paste. Add a teaspoon of honey or 5 milliliters of aloe gel. Then, spread a thin layer of the mixture to your face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before washing it off.

3. Deep Cleaning Activated Charcoal Body Scrub

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If you’re looking to detoxify and exfoliate your entire body, then this deep cleaning charcoal body scrub is made for you.

Just simply add the contents of 2-3 activated charcoal capsules to your normal body scrub and apply it as usual.

4. Detoxifying Shampoo

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Goodbye, terrible hair days! Activated charcoal can be utilized as a replacement for commercial hair styling products in the market. It can help make your hair manageable, soft, and it may also help in keeping your scalp and hair healthy.

To make your detoxifying shampoo, all you have to do is add 5 milliliters or a teaspoon of activated charcoal to the usual amount of shampoo you apply to your hair. Apply the mixture as usual and massage your scalp gently, then rinse it off.

5. Teeth Whitening

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Activated charcoal can help remove annoying plaque stains, thus whitening the teeth in the process. You may need a second toothbrush to try this, but don’t worry, a regular one will do.

Add activated charcoal powder to water until you form a paste enough to cover your toothbrush (1-2 capsules’ worth works well for me). Then, brush your teeth as usual, gently, or just simply tap the mixture in your teeth. Leave it for 3 minutes before washing it off.

If you don’t want to use a toothbrush, mixing equal parts of powdered activated charcoal and water will work just fine. Swish the mixture in your mouth for about a minute, then hold it in for another 5 minutes, before spitting it out.

You can use this technique on a daily basis to eliminate stains in your teeth, but take note, it won’t make natural discolorations go away.

6. Activated Charcoal Eye Mascara

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An inexpensive, natural way to have beautiful eyelashes is to make your own DIY eye mascara.

What You’ll Need:

How To Make It:

  1. Place aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and grated beeswax into a saucepan and put it over low heat. Mix it till beeswax is totally melted.
  2. Depending on your preferred color, you can use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal. Add it to the oil mixture. Stir it well, until it’s properly mixed. Take off from heat and allow to cool down.
  3. Pour mixture into little plastic bag. Cut a tiny hole in the bag and squeeze it slowly to your mascara container.
  4. Make sure you seal your container properly.

7. DIY Non-Toxic Eyeliner

image via healthyeah

Safe, all natural, frugal, and works just like the commercial one. There’s no reason for you not to make your own DIY non-toxic eyeliner.

What You’ll Need:

How To Make It:

  1. Mix all ingredients and stir well until it is completely incorporated.
  2. Put in an airtight container and store in a cool and dark place.
  3. When you are ready to use it, make sure to utilize a clean brush to prevent any bacteria from contaminating your DIY non-toxic eyeliner.

8. DIY Skin Salve

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Activated charcoal skin salve is useful for skin itchiness, irritation, and stings. The mixture of ointment and activated charcoal mitigates itchiness and expel toxins from it.

9. It Boosts A Healthy Digestive System


Activated charcoal can be utilized to help boost your digestive system. It helps expel toxins from the body that can cause unhealthy immune system, oxidative damage, or allergic reactions. Eliminating toxins from your body also help provide more energy promote mental function, and reduce joint pain. To purge the digestive system, you can consider ingesting 10 grams of activated charcoal 90 minutes before every meal. However, it would be best to get your doctor’s go-ahead first before trying any charcoal supplements.

10. It Helps Lower Your Cholesterol Level


Studies have presented that activated charcoal can lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels. One study shows that LDL cholesterol diminished by 41% while HDL expanded by 8% when volunteers took 3 doses of 8 grams each for 4 weeks. It’s essential to note: that activated charcoal cannot be taken at the same time as any prescription medication or vitamin supplements and that it would be better to seek professional advice first before adding activated charcoal to your diet.

11. Ease Gas Discomfort and Bloating

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If you’re already using activated charcoal to ease stomach pain, you’ve got a couple of choices. You can use it in liquid, powder, or pill form. If you prefer to take it as powder or liquid you can blend it into non-acidic juice. Ideally, the best option is to take in capsule or tablet form. The tablets might be less expensive, however, remember you can open the capsules to utilize the powdered charcoal for different purposes.

It’s recommended you drink plenty of water, to prevent constipation. Take them between meals, because activated charcoal works better on an empty stomach and won’t drain any vitamins and minerals your body needs. Also, do take note that activated charcoal isn’t to be taken every day like a vitamin, take it only when needed. Follow the bottle instructions carefully, normally it’ll recommend two capsules between meals.

12. Use It For Wasp Stings


This is an old-school remedy that I’ve tried and tested here in my homestead. If you have been stung by wasp or bee, you’ll know the pain and there’s a likelihood that it will swell. Activated will almost immediately ease the pain and swelling. Create a paste with water and charcoal. Apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with a cloth until swelling recedes. Replace plaster as needed during the day. It is also helpful to take 2-4 capsules at the same time. Who knew that activated charcoal has its place in the first aid kit as well?

13. Activated Charcoal Cocktail

image via sugarandcloth

Cheers to everybody’s health! Here’s an easy charcoal and beet cocktail that’s fun to make!

What You’ll Need:

How To Make It:

  1. In a little bowl, open the charcoal capsules and dispose of the external layer.
  2. Stir together the charcoal and honey syrup until totally incorporated (you’ll have a jet black color).
  3. In a shaker, add the charcoal mixture to the rest of the ingredients and load it with ice.
  4. Shake, and strain into a rock glass loaded with new ice.

14. Activated Charcoal Smoothie

image via greenblender

An activated charcoal smoothie is great for hangovers, detoxification, or even to help you recover from food poisoning.

What You’ll Need:

How To Make It:

  1. Put all ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend on high until the consistency becomes smooth.
  3. Enjoy!

15. Fix Your Liquor’s Flavor

image via wikihow

If you don’t want to let cheap vodka go to waste but can’t stand the taste, it’s time to break open that bottle and celebrate! Starting today you can now fix your alcohol with activated charcoal and make it taste even better.

16. Relieve Food Poisoning


Because of activated charcoal’s astounding absorbing characteristics, it can absorb poisons or toxic chemicals if ingested. Medical clinics utilize activated charcoal for this very reason.

17. Water Purifier

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Activated charcoal is the main ingredient in most water filters! It assimilates the chemicals in your water, making it cleaner and safer to drink!

18. Air Purifier

image via ehow

An activated charcoal air purifier will assimilate all the odor and other contaminants in the area, allowing you to inhale fresh and clean air.

19. Activated Charcoal For Gardening

image via permaculturepeople

Activated charcoal is also very useful in your garden. It is commonly used as potting and bedding soil. It serves as a fertilizer, insecticide, and pesticide.

20. Use It For Your Fresh Cut Flowers

image via Nourished Life

Put some activated charcoal in a vase of your fresh cut flowers to give them longer life and smell better! Easy as 1,2,3!

21. Get Rid of Mold


Place some in your home in areas where mold is likely. Or you can add it to your cleaning agent or detergent to get rid of mold.

22. Prevent Rust


Keep some activated charcoal in your tool kit. This will help forestall rusting, as it draws off moisture and absorbs any toxic matter.

23. Refrigerator Deodorizer

image via seriouseats

Put a small piece of activated charcoal in a little container and place it in one corner of your refrigerator to assimilate food smell and any poisonous components that can contribute to early spoilage.

24. Treat To Freshen Dog Breath

image via swansonvitamins

Treat your pups the way they deserve! You don’t want to walk around with a pup with bad breath. Make a charcoal treat for your pup to fix that horrible dog breath.

25. Use Charcoal For Art


Have you ever tried using charcoal for your art? This medium of art has been used for centuries. While we don’t suggest utilizing your finest activated charcoal to do the work, yet when all else fails, the charcoal will also work wonders in your art. (It’s still best to utilize packed charcoal or charcoal pencils, available at your local art supply store).

Want to know more benefits of activated charcoal? Check out this video from Dr. Josh Axe:

Isn’t activated charcoal amazing? Well, it is, but my fellow homesteaders, before you speed off to stock up, bear in mind that it isn’t a miracle drug or a substitute for proper medical attention. While there are many testimonials to its success, actual research is limited. so it’s only good sense to approach using activated charcoal moderately (especially in uses that require ingestion). Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor’s advice.

Will give activated charcoal a try? Which one will you do first? We’re excited to know! Let us know in the comments below.

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