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Chicken coop designs and notions help you choose which DIY chicken coop fits you best. A good homesteader knows you need your own chicken coop to house all those fresh eggs and create those little chicks to grow up big and strong! Whether you are raising chickens for food or for fun, you’ll want to keep them somewhere safe, warm, and protected from the elements and predators.

Now, this list is updated with 14 more chicken coop designs and notions for you to choose from! These DIY chicken coop plans detail step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple chicken coop or something like an -Aframe chicken coop. We’ve rounded up the best ideas on the web, from sustainable to functional, to downright awesome. It’s chicken coop building time!

If you need a little help deciding which of these free chicken coop schemes would most likely fit your and your pet chickens’ requires best, head over here for some advice.

Chicken Coop Designs Your Homestead Needs

1. Chicken Coop Cottage


For a little country whimsy, give your chickens a cozy cottage home complete with gale vines and a stone pathway to the doorstep.

2. Beer Can Shingles


Protect your chicken coop from the effects of weather and recycle your cans in a creative style. Drink up for the benefit of your flock. Cheers to chickens!

3. Bright and Cheery Chicken Shed


Add a splashing of coloring to your backyard with a shed-style chicken coop. Use white trim and some plants to create a classic seem that will induce the structure pop!

4. From Clunker to Clucker


Have a beat-up vehicle taking up space in your backyard or know person trying to get rid of one? What a great way to repurpose an old clunker, and it’s quite the conversation piece!

5. Cob-Made Chicken Coop


Cob is a traditional English housing material made from clay, straw and sand- it’s as strong as concrete and made from completely sustainable materials. Add on some colorful tiles and custom-sized windows to give your chicken coop a unique look.

6. Chicken Coop on the Shire


Your brood will live like Bilbo Baggins in this fun and functional chicken coop modeled after Hobbit homes.

7. Fully- “Furnished” Chicken Coop


If you have a piece of furniture you no longer have a used only for or merely find a great deal on a chest of drawers or armoire at a garage sale, upcycle it into a home for your chickens!

8. Living Roof Coop


This is the perfect answer for those working with limited yard space who want to have it all! Urban farmers rejoice – you can have your small chicken coop and a miniature garden all in one spot.

9. Fully-Functional Chicken Coop


This chicken coop plan is designed for easy access to your hens and their eggs no matter where they are in the coop.

10. Pottery-Barn Inspired Chicken Coop


This chicken coop was built by the folks at The Art of Doing Stuff , and what a lovely coop indeed! Learn about how they constructed it, and all the cool ins and outs of this beautiful homemade coop here.

11. Galactic Hen House


Give your chickens an out-of-this-world home in this rocketship-shaped house that fits 9 chickens!

12. Hens on Wheels


Use this portable chicken coop design to save your yard from the damage a stable chicken coop can cause to your lawn. Instead of cleaning out your coop, only move it to the next plot of land and allow the drops to act as natural fertilizer.

13. Upcycled Water Tank Chicken Coop


To create a entirely upcycled coop, convert an old water storage receptacle into a chicken coop with pallet timber and a few branches for perching.

14. Luxurious Lighting


When in doubt, add a chandelier for a touch of luxury- even chickens deserve a little of the good life.

15. Telephone Booth Chicken Coop


Use an old telephone kiosk or paint your hen house. Add square windows with chicken wire to mimic a booth and attach an open air coop to one of the sides.

16. Underground Coop


Keep your flock better protected from predators in this home that is partially underground. Also, the low-lying roof generates an excellent opportunity to grow a living roof.

17. Construct the Perfect Nesting Boxes


Design the perfect nesting boxes for your chickens. Create extra perch space in a small coop by installing a branch in front of the nest boxes. Also note the steep angle of the’ roof’ on the nesting boxes to prevented the chickens from use this space as their personal restroom and building less mess for you.

18. Chicken Camper


This coop was constructed with completely recycled pallet wood and a sheet of tin metal for the top. Keeping your coop elevated deters predators and removes the back-ache from cleaning a coop that sits lower on the ground.

19. The Easy -AFrame


Easy to build, easy to clean, easy to maintain- the -Aframe wins the convenience award…easily.

20. Book& Cluck Nook


Create a space for you( or your little ones) and your chickens to relax in together. Install a screen door between the sitting space and the nesting space so the chickens don’t make a mess of your area.

21. Chicken Teepee


This may not be the most practical alternative for a permanent residence for your chickens, but it’s the perfect temporary shelter from the elements while your chickens wander in a large open space.

22. Aquaponic Chicken Coop


This all-in-one chicken coop is a homesteader’s dream come true! The roof is a self-sustaining garden, and the eggs practically lay themselves. This compact unit could sustain an entire family, making it one of the best chicken coop designs.

23. Easy Homemade Chicken Coop


This may be a bit pricey, but I’m sure your chickens will be safe and comfy living in this chicken coop. Get the tutorial here .

24. Cedar Chicken Coop and Run


You can buy this or use this stunning design as inspiration.

25. Geodesic Dome Chicken House


Have you insured the geodesic dome? It’s cool, right? Now build one for your chickens! You can try to adjust the measurements if you need to build a bigger one. Get the instructions here .

26. Dreamy Chicken House


Ever dreamed of having a beautiful house with that white picket fence? If you don’t have the budget for your home, then make one for your chicken instead. Check it out here .

27. The Eggcelsior


Build your flock a hotel inspired by the Old West. I’m sure they’ll all love to check in. Get the steps here .

28. Eco-roof Chicken Coop


Grow not just chickens in your chicken coop, but plants, too. See it here .

29. Classy Chicken Coop


Give your flock a savour of the good life by making this classy chicken coop. Don’t forget the chandelier!

30. $50 Chicken Coop


Want to know how to build a chicken coop on a budget? Get the tutorial here .

31. Chicken Chapel


No blasphemy intended, but I just really find this chicken coop cute-imagine your hens going to church! A See it here .

32. Swaying Set Chicken Coop


Got an old sway defined? Upcycle it into a chicken coop using some chicken wire. Check it out here .

33. Trampoline Chicken House


Don’t have a swing defined? How about an old trampoline? See it here .

34. Chicken Nesting Boxes


Here’s a cheap and easy upcycling project for your flock. Turn 5-gallon plastic pails into nesting boxes for hens. It’s so easy, check it out here .

35. Chicken Cabinet


Change up some glass into chicken wire and you can have an upcycled chicken coop design. See it here .

36. Personalized Chicken Coop


Really love your chickens to the point that you gave them names? Try this personalized chicken coop then. Check it out here .

Want to build your own chicken coop? Click Here to Download Plan .

Watch this video and construct this $50 chicken coop by Off-Grid With Doug and Stacy :

Whatever free chicken coop schemes you choose, this list will attain build chicken coops easy and fun. Try improvising with materials like plywood sidings or pressure-treated lumber. Raising chickens isn’t a walk in the park but a good coop in order to be allowed to roost in is a great foundation for their growth.

Which of these chicken coop designs will you choose? Let us know in the comments section below .

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