39 Stunning Drought-Tolerant Plants For Low-Maintenance Landscapes

Looking for drought-tolerant plants for your ornamental garden or arid landscape? Look no farther because you might find what you’re looking for on this roundup. These are gorgeous drought-tolerant plants you won’t believe thrive with little to no watering. If you’re particular with water conservation, then heat and drought-tolerant plants are your new best friends. Here’s an extensive list of drought-tolerant plants you’ll fall in love with!

Drought-Tolerant Plants: Induce Your Dry Garden An Eden

1. Agave

Turn heads with these interesting perennials in your front yard scenery. Wait till it flowers and you’ll have more curious onlookers-which is in some 10 to 20 years to be exact!

2. African Daisy “Gerbera”

African daisies will wither on a dry spell, so what got them into this list of drought-tolerant plants? They’re hard to kill once they’re established and they don’t genuinely wither and die. They merely go dormant or go into survival mode.

3. Beardtongues Or Penstemon

Don’t be fooled by these lovely and dainty buds. Penstemons thrive on neglect. They will merely feel at home in your waterless garden.

4. Black-eyed Susans

If you want a cottage bloom garden in your arid landscape, black-eyed SusansA are your go-to plants for a flower garden operating riot in your dehydrated garden.

5. Blazing Stars “Ajuga”

It’s astounding how these blooms can flourish on both aims of weather spectrum. From a dry spell to a bitter wintertime, blazing superstars will bloom in your garden.

6. Bougainvillea

Spanish villas and a Mediterranean landscape are never without these lovely buds. Bougainvillea is proof of how you can maintain a lovely flower garden in a dry landscape.

7. Bugleweed’ Ajuga’

Some former growers may pass up on this drought-tolerant plant. Bugleweed or carpet bugle can be invasive but in a parched landscape, you can tame them.

8. Butterfly Weed” Asclepias Tuberosa”

Invite butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with goody butterfly weeds. These beautiful blooms thrive in a dry landscape. They are also a favorite to the Monarch butterfly.

9. Cleome

An English cottage flower garden is possible in arid sceneries with drought-tolerant flowers like cleome which adds character to any flower garden. Not only is it lovely in pastel, it has an interesting wispy form.

10. Cactus Plants

What could be more drought-resistant than cactus? They do thrive in a waterless surrounding. You’ll love even their thorns which help quench their thirst. With hundreds of variety-it will always be interesting.

11. Cardinal Climbers

This annual climbing plant with small yet gorgeous red flowers is perfect in a trellis, fencing, or arbor. That is if you have a small garden and a clematis won’t do.

12. Coneflowers “Echinacea”

Large flower heads and showy blooms are perfect backdrops for your dry landscape. Coneflowers, being a member of the daisy family, are dependable even with an inferior and dry soil.

13. Coral Vine or Mexican Creeper

You’ll also love this flowering vine with dainty pink or white blooms for your trellis or arbor. You can grow them from seeds but the tubers will grow back even with frost damage.

14. Cosmos Plants

Another beautiful flowering annual plant which thrives even in forget. Growing cosmos in a fertile soil will only render verdant foliage and fewer flowers. This isn’t exactly what you are looking for in your bloom garden.

15. Daylily “Hemerocallis”

One of my favorite perennials, daylilies aren’t considered’ the perfect perennial’ for nothing. What lovely blooms and brilliant colorings for a variety which is both droughtA and frost tolerant!

16. Desert Rose” Adenium Obesum”

One of the most familiar blooms in a desert or arid scenery is the Adenium obesum. Its common name, desert rose couldn’t be any perfect. It may shed its foliage in a cold or dry spell but the buds will prosper to your adoration.

17. “Euphorbia Milii” orA Crown Of Thorns

The thorns may intimidate you but the flowers will definitely win you over. One of the most interesting drought-tolerant plants is the crown of thorns. They willA interest you more with the variety of colourings, sizings, and forms.

18. Indian Blanket Flowers” Gaillardiaa

Blanket flowers or Sundance are best appreciated in the wild. But you can grow a few in your sandy well-drained soil. With a high tolerance for drought, they do best in a hot climate in full sun.

19. Kaiser’s Crown Or Crown Imperial

Did our list justA getA even more interesting with this amazing entry? A bulb can expense a few dollars, but you can boost your dry landscape with this beautiful oddity.

20. Lantana Camara

Lantana is common in the tropics and is even classified as invasive. But with trimming and care, you can grow it to your preference. With a richnes of different colorings, you can grow a cottage flower garden in a dry landscape.

21. Lavender “Lavandula”

One of our favourites, lavender is simply extraordinary. Valued for more than merely its looks, it is both an ornamental and essential herb. It is also a plant that can withstand both a dry spell and a frost.

22. Marigold

One of the most familiar summertime plants growing in dry conditions is the marigold. To construct your vegetable garden colorful, grow marigold among your veggies. They will also help drive away pests.

23. Romneya” Matilija Poppies”

Featured in 1998 ‘s The Mask Of Zorro, Romneyas, are indeed, native to California and Northern Mexico. A white flashy flower head with an intense yellow centre deserves a spot in your arid garden landscape.

24. Oleander” Nerium Oleander”

Oleander is native to the Mediterranean region to the Arabian peninsula. It is also found in tropical regions around the world. Take care though. This beautiful drought-resistant plant is one of the most poisonous ornamental plants.

25. Primula

Primula, as a drought-tolerant plant, is due to its ability to thrive in inferior soil. You can find them in arid to dry landscape from the bumpy Himalayas to boggy meadows.

26. Purslane “Portulaca”

Some assortments of purslane belong to the weed class. Its hard to kill and spreads fast. Use this to your advantage and grow an Alpine meadow-like landscape. Yes, even in your waterless garden.

27. Red Salvia Or Scarlet Sage

Grow scarlet sage with the drought-resistant purple wild sage. You will get a cottage bloom garden-like scenery. A flower garden with an explosion of colours is possible even in a dry, sandy, and bumpy landscape.

28. Stonecrops “Sedum”

If you’re looking to do a xeriscape for your dry landscape, stonecrops or’ sedum’ would be great. It is a leaf succulent flowering plant which does well in a rocky landscape.

29. Succulent Plants

Succulents are all the rage these days with different varieties and interesting colorings and forms. Besides that, its resistance to drought likely made it an endearing garden and indoor plant.

30. Sunflowers “Helianthus”

If not entirely drought-tolerant, sunflowers are definitely summer flowering plants. Not merely are they great for your landscape, both the seeds and the young flower heads are edible too.

31. Torch Tithonia

Torch tithonia or Mexican sunflower will light up any flower garden indeed. Its bright red-orange blooms will turn heads even when grown with other drought-tolerant plants.

32. Verbena Or Vervain

Some species of Verbena wear the colors of the stars and stripes. This induces them great for your summer garden in planters or hanging pots , not just for the Fourth of July, but for a patriotic look all summer long.

33. Vinca Or Periwinkle

You can trust these lovely blooming flowers to thrive in your garden with little care. On hot and dry summer days only sit back and relax and these blooms will flourish all on their own.

34. Whiteweed “Ageratum”

For a plant called Whiteweed, the flowers are commonly blue, which is great for your dry garden. For a flower color which can be hard to grow,’ ageratum’ is a great choice for your arid landscape.

35. Wild Sage

Like most assortment from the sage and salvia family, the wild sage sure is drought-resistant. Grow a drought-tolerant scenery with wild sage as an addition.

36. Yarrow” Achillea Millefolium”

You would do well to include yarrow in your dry garden landscape with its beneficial herb properties. It has long been used as food, to induce tea, dried as a cooking herb, and was once a popular vegetable.

37. Yellow Alyssum Or Stone Herb

You have a bonus in this low-lying dry-resistant plant which prospers in bumpy terrain. It has a sweet smelling perfume which earned it the moniker of sweet alyssum plus it has dainty yellow blooms in clumps.

38. Yucca

One of the mainstays in a desert to semi-desert landscape is the interesting yucca. It is similar to agave, only reserved or smaller in kind and has conventional flowers which bloom in shorter day than agave.

39. Zinnia

Zinnias appear a lot like Mexican sunflowers though they have a wide colouring range. From red, yellow, orange, and pink, you can grow a rainbow bloom garden even in a dry landscape.

Learn how to pick drought-tolerant plants for your arid or dry landscape in this video :

There you go, homesteaders! Drought-tolerant plants perfect for your dry or arid landscape. A dry spell wouldn’t be much of a matter of concern now with these trusty plants to choose from!

Which drought tolerant plant will you be adding to your homestead? Let us know in the comments section below !

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