45 DIY Compost Bins To Construct For Your Homestead

DIY compost bins are easy to make for your homestead. With this list, youall discover 45 different types of compost bins to choose from!

The Ultimate Guide For DIY Compost Bins

Are you into composting? If not, you should be! Composting is a great way to reduce trash right on your homestead. Get started with composting by building one of these 45 DIY compost bins. Seeming for a specific style? Weave got it all. The listing has everything from super-sized to mini, from modern to rustic, and from budget-friendly to elaborate. Maintain scrolling to find your favorite type of compost bins.

1. Pallet Compost Bin

image via diyprojects

Made from repurposed pallets and zip ties, if you have both then this project would come practically free yet very functional. Super fast to build, it will take less than an hour and you have a properly-ventilated compost bin thanks to the pallet’s structure.

2. Compost Bin For Garbage

image via thehappyhousewife

If you want a compost bin you can have fun spinning around, flipping, and rolling to mix, then this compost bin for garbage is tailored perfectly for you. Collect your furnishes: trash can with lid, drill, 2 bungee cords, and of course someone to share the fun when making this compost( your children or hubby maybe ). Simply make holes around your trash can and eyelid. Attach the bungee cord to secure the eyelid. Your bin is ready to use!

3. Easy Compost Bin

image via blissfulbritt

No more throwing away kitchen scraps ever again! This easy compost bin will stimulate their own lives easier and happier. MadeA out of milk crates, weed blocker, paper bags, and a hot glue gun, and with only a little bit of period, you’ll change your life for the better.

4. Simple Compost Bin

image via attainable-sustainable

Want to start vermicompostingbut space is a challenge? This simple compost bin will work even in the tiniest place. The great news is the bin is under$ 5, all the more reason for you to get started with vermicomposting in your own space.

5. DIY Compost Tumbler

image via ctscubagirl

You will need equipment and cutting skills to construct this compost bin. Its wooden frame horizontally supports a 55 -gallon drum. A hole cutter was utilized to induce pits into the drum’s base and top which allows the PVC pipe to be horizontally threaded and works as the drum’s revolving shaft. The exposed PVC objective are attached into to drum’s wooden holder to avoid movement and to support hand turning. Holes for air circulation were created into the drum and a cut-out entryway is secured with hinges and bolting hooks. Auxiliary additions incorporate wooden bolster rods and stabilizers to protect the plastic drum’s shape and integrity. There is sufficient room underneath the wooden frame to fit a tray or bucket for quick and easy compost harvesting.

6. Kitchen Compost Bin

image via diynatural

Search for a sealable receptacle, encompas it up with a decent piece of paper and leave the cover. With the use of a driller, make pits in the encompas. Your easiest kitchen compost bin is ready for business a it is definitely rewarding to create such DIY compost bins.

7. Concrete Blocks Compost Bin

image via blueplanetgreenliving

This DIY compost bin is uniquely created using concrete blocks. Depending on your needs you can easily construct the necessary adjustment for changing seasons, added ventilation, or pest control.

8. Lumber Compost Bin

image via thisoldhouse

To build this lumber compost bin, look for wooden lumber timbers and cut it to your preferred height and width. Once done creating the base, the upper and side panel, use screws or glue to assemble all pieces. Don’t forget to create a removable eyelids so that it is easier for you to work with your compost.

9. Low-Cost Compost Bin

image via instructables

This low-cost compost bin is very manageable. You can easily remove any side, and transfer it from one place to another. Stimulated out of inexpensive fence pickets, this is an ultimate easy garden project.

10. DIY Plastic Bin

image via tellerallaboutit

You can make this DIY plastic bin using a large plastic receptacle with a tight lid. You can use what you already have or buy a new one. Use a drilling machine to punch 6-8 pits so that the compost will have enough air when kept inside. After constructing your bin, you need some bedding for your plastic bin. You can use paper bags or newspapers. Your amazing worm compost bin is good for business!

11. Cardboard Box Composter

image via shaunsbackyard

Perhaps not the toughest solution but without a doubt this the easiest and cheapest DIY compost bin. Grab some large cardboard boxes from your local grocery store. The box’s cover can be closed to avoid excess rainfall from penetrating. You can also line the bottom of the box with bricks to hold its kind. The box will eventually compost itself, this to be for a short-term answer and might be great during the dry season.

12. Efficient Wooden Compost Bin

image via rodalesorganiclife

Create the end panels- use screws to join the wooden slats together. Attain sure to leave enough space for removable planks. Create the center panel just as you adjust the end panels. Build sure that all the wooden panel are aligned in a row.

13. DIY Compost Bin From Hardware Cloth

image via goodshomedesign

This DIY compost bin from hardware cloth was made as a functional garden accessory that also doubles as a piece of art. How cool is that?

14. Double-Decker Drum Composter

image via tutorialtub

This amazing double-decker drum composter can be made by hand. It will allow you to easily turn the compost that in return will help the composting process run a lot quicker.

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15. Decorative Brick Compost Bin

image via allanblock

If you’re looking for a compost bin design that will also improve your backyard aesthetics, your search ends with this decorative brick compost bin. It will give you a permanent compost structure as well as to spruce up the looking of your yard. A sure win indeed!

16. Perfect Compost Bin

image via sunset

Who does not want a compost bin that is simple to make, easy to use, yet very much effective in producing compost? If that’s what you’re looking for in a bin, you’d better analyze this perfect compost bin and build one for your garden.

17. Utilized Tire Compost Bin

image via rootsimple

Utilizing old tires as a compost bin is an ingenious way for recycling and providing continuous assistance to Mother Nature! I know there are lots of used tires lying around junkyards, so what are waiting for, collect a few and stack together 4 or more tires to create a simple compost bin.

18. Wire Mesh Compost Bin

image via permaculturenews

If you want to keep it simple and don’t want a lot of building, this wire mesh compost bin is perfect. Easy to make out of wire hardware or chicken wire.

19. Old Shower Door Compost Bin

image via rodalesorganiclife

Keep protecting the earth through recycling. Make use of that old shower door of yours that has been lying around and transform it into a compost bin. The glass shower door will work like a greenhouse and add some hot to the compost, allowing it to decompose quickly.

20. Cedar Board Compost Bin

image via birdsandblooms

This cedar committee composter has baseboards that slide out, building it easy for you to harvest finished compost from the end of the heap but still able to continue to add items to compost at the opening of the pile.

21. Composter Drum Style

image via instructables

This composter drum style rotates, letting the compost matter to have enough air which also minimizes odor in the process and attaining the composting process a bit faster.

22. Ultimate Compost Bin

image via backyardfeast

It’s hard to tell through these scenes just how tough and stable this ultimate compost bin is but this is ready for tons of composting for many years to come.

23. Watte Composter

image via thepeaceseekers

A compost pile or composter can an eyesore that ruins your garden scenery. So is a big container that has ” composter” written all over it even if it has precious black gold in it. When I procured this watte composter idea, I just fell in love with it. It’s simply thin long branches woven together. The materials are all natural, which complements the garden.

24. Corrugated Iron Composter

image via afarmofyourhome

If you are into vermicomposting and want more out of it, a plastic receptacle won’t be enough. That is where this corrugated iron composterA falls into place and the best thing is it won’t cost you an arm and a leg despite being very sturdy. And for your timber frame, wood pallets will do the magical, low cost or even free. Be careful, though, that your pallets are safe to use and won’t cause any harm to your precious worms.

25. Wine Barrel Compost Station

image via gardentenders

If you can get a wine barrel without transgressing the bank, then perfect for you and for your garden. There are plenty of ways you are able to make use of wine barrels in the garden. As a matter of fact, wine barrels can be very stylish in the garden most especially the real ones. Using wine barrels can be best for indoor composting or at the least under the protection of a roof to make it last longer.

26. Willow Composter

image via louiselangsner

Who does not love something that comes for free? Seem around your homestead surrounding, I’m sure you have what it needs to create this simple DIY willow composter. Made out of branch trims from shrubs or trees, easily weave them together to create this wonderful bin. Learning this skill could make a huge difference around your garden. Aside from compost bins, you can also build fencings, garden edgings, and raised beds with this material.

27. Wire Screen Compost Bin

image via lucysnest

What I like the most of this amazing composter and created garden bed is how wire screens were utilized to create this doubled intent DIY composter. I can grow climbing vegetables in them, such as cucumber and beans. I’m sure they love the nutrients they’ll get inside. And while my veggies are growing around the wire trellis, the compost at work will not be an eyesore because it will be kept hidden.

28. Metal Drum Compost Tumbler

image via instructables

Metal drums are one of the most useful materials when it comes to repurposing in the garden. However, they’re not ideal for worm composting since they are rust and release heavy metals that might harm your worms. However, they can be best as compost tumbler because they can rotate easily. Plus, with the additional fitted car tires on both objectives, you can easily roll it over to mix the compost items.

29. Log Compost Bin

image via obsolete5 3ltl

The idea of this DIY log compost bin is basically the same with video games stack sticks. Simply stack unused logs in your garden over the other, procure it, and your DIY composter is ready in no time. This is perfect for piling up weeds and fallen foliages that you plan to use for winter composting.

30. Wire Mesh Composter

image via sunnysimplelife

This wire mesh composter simply shows the versatility of wire mesh when it comes to composting. You can easily fashion it into a compost tumbler. Use old motorcycle wheels to form its frame, simply wrap the wire around. Your compost items can be easily loosened up and mixed this style. But, it would be best to cover it up a bit more to avoid your finished organic compost from spilling all over.

31. Straw Bales Compost Bin

image via suburbanstoneage

If straw bales are readily available in your homestead, then straw bales composting is must try. The bales are also organic so it will also decompose, so this is just a temporary solution.

32. Indoor Vermicomposting Bin

image via instructables

Composters are not always constructed for the outdoors surrounding, just like this indoor vermicomposting bin that you may have a good place in your kitchen. It looks like a funnel kind worm container. This scheme gives you easy access to separate worms from compost. Plus, it does not necessitate more than a day to get the finished design.

33. 3-Tier Worm Compost Bin

image via worm-composting-help

To create this 3-tier worm compost bin you’ll require 3 stackable plastic bin, lid, plastic sheet, and aA cork. Create got a couple of holes at the peak of the bin for air to get through and ventilation. Then, at the base create a bigger hole to fix the tap. Use the plastic sheet as cover for the bin. You can now start composting.

34. Plastic Crate Composter

image via badgergarden

If you find a milk or plastic bread crate, don’t hesitate to grab it. It can be transformed into a unique compost bin which permits lots of air to enter. If you’re not satisfied with the size of one milk crate, stack a few together utilizing a wire, string, or plastic twist-ties to build multiple tiers for bins. Line the crate with mesh, cloth, or scenery fabric to suppress the compost.

35. Large Compost Bin

image via theanxiousgardener

If space is not an issue and materials for composting are overflow, then a large compost bin is what you need. Imagine how much you can save if you got this kind compost bin in your homestead! I so love the size and the production capacity of this bin.

36. Teapot Compost Bin

image via ooooby

A compost bin doesn’t need to be ordinary. Take a look at this teapot compost bin it does not only helps with composting but also becomes a wonderful ornament for the garden.

37. Wheelbarrow Compost Bin

image via just-our-little-family

An old wheelbarrow could become a perfect compost bin for the garden. If the wheels are still in good shape, well you’ve got yourself a portable bin, and will also aid in mixing the compost when necessary.

38. Wooden Pallet Planks and Wire Mesh Compost Bin

image via judopuff

Wood and wire: easy to detect, inexpensive, and durable. So what more could you ask for? This DIY bin is attained only of wood and wire, easy inexpensive and measures a good 3-feet tall by 3-feet broad. Wire mesh is put around the frame to ensure enough air is circulated to speed up the composting process.

39. Rotating Barrel Composter

image via familyhandyman

A rotating barrelis an astounding notion since it offer an easy way to combine new compost materials exhaustively with the already composting materials. This process permits a faster decomposition.

40. Super-Sized Compost Bin

image via hometalk

If you compost a lot, I’m sure you would love to have a bin that has a traditional seem of a farmstead silo. Construct your silo to have a super-sized compost bin.

41. Wood Barrel Compost Bin

image via myotherbackyard

If a food-grade barrel doesn’t appeal to you, I’m sure you’ll love this wood barrel compost bin. It’s all natural and you are able to customize it to your heart desires.

42. Mini Worm-Composting Bins

image via kuraoka

These mini worm-composting binsA are a great project for children. We want to teach children early about the importance of composting, so this is it.

43. 5-Gallon Bucket Compost Bin

image via faithfulfarmwife

What can you get from a 5-gallon pail? A 5-gallon black gold! So if you have a 5-gallon available, attain the most of it by transforming it into a compost bin for your kitchen or garden.

44. DIY Kitchen Counter Compost Bin

image via planetpals

A kitchen compost bin is basically used to store scraps until it’s ready to be moved to an outdoor compost bin. You can purchase this type of bins for $10 or you can simply DIY it with items already in your house. Use a pit puncher, scissors, utility knife, or drill to create holes for aeration. Then store inside a cabinet or include to your countertop adornment. Just make sure to empty it regularly to minimize odors.

45. Open Compost Pile

image via betterhousekeeper

Composting does not really require any building. You can actually create an open compost pile anywhere in your yard or excavate a pit to keep your compost out of sight.

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Composting is a truly democratic technique of recycling, doable no matter where you live and what sizing your home is. Exactly how you compost will vary depending on your stateas regulations, climate and amount of rainfall. Choose the right bin for your require and start composting today!

Which DIY compost bin will you make for your homestead? Let us know in specific comments segment below . Want to know how to improve your soil? Check out hereA Homesteaderas Guide to Soil Improvement and attain your soil’s full potential !


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