5 Route To Protect Your Chickens from Fowl Play | Chicken Raising Tips

Want to know how to protect your chickens? If youare growing chickens in your homestead then these are homesteading tips you should know.

Protect Your Chickens From With These Simple Tips

Three days we watched my granny cry over the destruction of her beloved animals before we succeeded in frustrating predators from invading the coop and killing the chickens. We lost the rooster, most of the eggs, and over half of the flock in the process, but we were finally able to keep the birds safe. Now, as an adult, I want a flock of my own. Before creating chickens I need to be sure I can keep my birds safe and avoid the carnage that my grandma witnessed all those years ago. So I did my research, called my family members, and spoke to some professionals to get some tips on maintaining chickens safe from predators.

1. Understand The Enemy


Depending on where you live your tactic may be different for the predators you are trying to deter. ForA us the main culprits were raccoons, coyotes, and eagles. The best bet is to protect your chickens from allA of the possible predators and understanding the various ways that they can infiltrate your coop.A Raccoons, for example, are crafty little beings and can excavate, climb, and even open locks or turn knobs.A Many weasels and serpents can fit through very small spaces, coyotes and puppies can jump most fencings, A and hawks or eagles have the flight advantage. Some common predators for your chickens are 😛 TAGEND A Racoons A Coyotes A Birds of prey A Weasels A Foxes A Dogs A Snakes A Skunks A Opossums image via cherryacresanimalhousing image via mykidlist image via plansdsgn

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