55 Top Survival Blogs: Follow These in 2018

2017 was a big year for survivalists and preppers, and 2018 will no doubt be bigger. So what better way to kick off the new year than by taking stock of the state of survivalism online? After all, thereas no better style to get prepared than to learn from others. Here, Iave compiled a listing of 55 blogs and prepper websites offering everything from wilderness tutorials to DIY and self sufficient living advice.

Before we get into things, take note: the list itself was composed with a focus on providing a cross section of the survivalist community. Thereas everything from firearm tips to organic produce tricks, urban survival to wilderness mastery. On top of this, thereas blogs from every corner of the political spectrum, from sovereign citizens to mainstream conservatives, to tie-dye hippies and armed far left groups.

Iam not here to judge your political flavor, just your ability to provide useful information on survival, self defense, organisation or other factors that matter when SHTF. So whatever your survival focus or political persuasion, there should be something youall enjoy.

Of course, I am partial to this blog that you are reading on now and our large and growing community supports us in our efforts to spread the word about the importance of survival skills and education for you and your family. But, A we survivalists are, after all, one big community. That is why I want to give a shout out to some of our brothers and sisters in kind!

Survival Blogs Worth Following This Year

As a final note, itas worth pointing out you wonat find a numerical listing here for the survival blogs. Thatas because there simply isnat a single blog that can be considered the best, the second best or third. Instead, listings have been divided into groups of ten. The top 10 should be considered mandatory reading for anyone trying a cohesive understanding of the state of the survivalist/ prepper scene in 2018. The top 20/30 are similarly great blogs, offering a wealth of content for anyone interested in anything from the casual weekend in the wilderness, to hardcore prepping. Finally the last group, simply titled athe rest, a features a collection of 15 blogs that didnat quite induce the top 40, but are worth visit for one of two reasons. Either theyare relatively new blogs with a lot of possibilities, or older sites that show promise for making a comeback this year.

The Top 10 Survival Blogs

Survival Cache

Survival Cacheas strong point is its dependable product reviews. Before you buy any survival product, make sure you pay this site a visit. Odds are theyall have reviewed it.

The Survival Doctor

Ever wanted to learn how to handle a gunshot wound? The Survival Doctor offers practical yet impressive advice on how to simply stay alive, and maintain those around you exhaling when SHTF.

Tactical Intelligence

One of the best sources of in-depth, practical advice, Tactical Intelligence is an indispensable asset to any survivalist for their reviews, advice and insane sum of content.

Canadian Preppers Network

A home for Canuck survivalists, the CPN is extremely helpful for newbies and experts alike. Learn how to build a log cabin, or stimulate your own moonshine to ward off the northern cold.

Simply Canning

Arguably the best site anywhere for learning how to preserve your own food. Canning is one of the best skills a survivalist can learn, so check this one out.

Survival Magazine

A great site for practical advice on outdoor living, DIY solutions and hunting. Accessible, handy and well worth your time.

The Survival Blog

Since 2005, Jim Rawles has been churning out some of the most interesting articles for survivalists. Heas covered virtually every topic imaginable, plus his daily doses of historic factoids are always worth a skim.

More Than Just Surviving

Great site for product reviews and general survival/ outdoor advice.

Ready Nutrition

As the name suggests, thereas a big focus on food here; then again, you too is likely to be fairly focused on food when civilization collapses around you.

Redneck Revolt

The only left-wing prepper site to make it anywhere near the top 10, Redneck Revolt is about collective community defense, handguns, anti-fascism, more guns and redneck pride. Their monthly podcast is only just get off the ground, and itall be interesting to see where things go in 2018.

The Top 20 Survival Blogs

The Prepper Journal

A great place to read about the basics of survival.

Graywolf Survival

Great articles packed with handy advice. Some articles are reasonably long, but worth it generally.

Survival Based

Great content on wilderness survival tips and tricks.

Prepper Website

A bit of a mixed bag, this blog does have some diamonds in the rough. Nonetheless, its influence on the prepper movement canat be understated, making this site worth following.


Itas basically Wikipedia for preppers. Youall find just about everything here.

American Preppers Network

A staple for libertarian preppers, thereas an absolute ton of content here, encompassing pretty much every topic imaginable.

Survival Sherpa

Really good, unique content written with passion. If you havenat seen this one yet, then check it out.

The Survival Mom

Excellent advice, great topics and regular updates. What more could you want? This is one mom you donat wishes to mess with.

The Organic Prepper

The go-to site for survivalists who like to keep things all natural.

Survival Medicine

Nurse Amyas handy medical tips are great for daily applications and for when SHTF.

The Top 30 Survival Blogs

Common Sense Homesteading

Less camo and firearm nuts, more baking and horticulture, Common Sense Homesteading is worth following for his very useful tips-off for anyone who wants to live a healthy, sustainable and self sufficient lifestyle. Learn how to create chickens, make use of renewable energy, cook bread and eat healthy.

Prepperas Will

Fantastic site for advice on tragedy and wilderness survival. Their suggestions are well explained and easy to follow.

SHTF School

Home of the SHTF survival boot camp, this site deserves to be on your reading list.

Modern Survival Blog

Regular posts packed full of details make this blog well worth reading once or twice a week, despite its less-than-modern layout.

Off Grid Survival

One of the nicest appearing prepper sites around, Off Grid is great for outdoors, camping and general survival topics.

Backdoor Survival

Fantastic for everyday tips, blogger Gaye offers regular, useful content.

Left Wing Survivalist

The life of a lefty survivalist can be a lonely one, until you detect this little blog. Itas not bad, but could do with more informative content.

Sarah Avery

A relatively new blogger of late 2017, Sarah has already created some good stuff. Itall be interesting to see where she takes things in 2018.

The Survival Blog

Regular updates and plenty of handy tips.

Simple Living

A forum largely for discussing organic lifestyles and emergency preparedness.

The Top 40

Survivor Jane

In a scene dominated by men, Survivor Jane is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Collapse of Industrial Civilization

Another rare instance of far left survivalism, most content is political in nature, but thereas still some useful prepper tips-off to be had here.

Preparedness Advice

A side project of survivalist writer Howard Godfrey, this site is fantastic for encompassing some of the lesser known topics relevant to preppers. Godfrey is also the author of a pretty solid volume on survival, Emergency Preparedness& More .

Survivalist Boards

A forum for survivalists, this is a great place to trade tips-off and learn from the experiences of others.

My Family Survival Plan

Standard survivalist content, but with a little bit of a focus on maintaining the family safe when SHTF.

Apartment Prepper

Do you want to turn your apartment into a fortress? If so, check out Apartment Prepper.

Doomsday Moose

Mostly your standard prepper fare, but well executed.

Left Preppers Alliance

A forum for preppers on the left side of the spectrum. Unsurprisingly itas pretty sparse, but beggars canat be choosers, can they?

Armed Left

Far more lively than Left Preppers, Armed Left is the place to be for communists, revolutionary socialists and anarchists stockpiling weapons for construction workers revolution.

Survival Spot

A reasonable mix of product the examinations and survival advice.

More Awesome Survival Blogs

Modern Survivalist Online

Big focus on guns and Reagan. So if youare starved for some decent pistol reading material, this blog should stave you over for a while.


Only posting once or twice a month, Prep-Blog is nonetheless a good read, with some handy advice.

Rural Revolution

Another female survivalist, Rural Revolution blends country living with prepping. Especially relevant for anyone living around Idaho.


Teotwawki has been pretty much dead since 2016, with its founder Alexander Wolf dealing with personal stuff. Wolf has stated he has plans to restart blogging, maybe in 2017. So keep an eye on this one.


Covers almost every aspect of prepping, from treating serpent bites to managing mental health issues.

Provident Living Today

Learn how to grow vegetables, preserve and can them. Great advice, good for families looking for an alternative lifestyle.

Prepper Forums

Another online forum, Prepper Forums is for hardcore survivalists. Thereas a big focus on firearms and gear.

Prepping to Survive

This site hasnat been particularly active since around 2013, which is a real shame. Some of their older articles are fairly good.

The Home for Survival

Some good stuff here, particularly for homeowners who would rather stay indoors when the apocalypse hits.


This site is basically a hub for prepper feeds, and can be a helpful place to start if youare looking for something new.

The Survival Podcast

Interesting topics like how to convert your trailer to a fortress.


Nice name. Mostly political content, and feelings a lot like a poor manas InfoWars. Alas, thereas some useful survival content hidden here.

SHTF Movement

Useful for general survival and prepping tips.

Maximum Survival

Good variety of content, from raising animals to surviving in harsh climate.

Prepper Dashboard

This blog has been pretty quiet for nearly a year now, but remains a good source of information for DIY and gardening.

Did you love reading about these survival blogs? Let us know if you’re already a fan of any of these survival blogs in the comments !

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