7 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits Perfect For Urban Homesteading

You don’t need to live in a large homestead to enjoy a bit of open-air country freshness. Make your quaint city home smell as fresh as a wide-open farm by growing an indoor herb garden kit!

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7 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kit Options to Choose From

1. Nature’s Blossom’s Herb Garden Kit

Nature’s Blossom’s Herb Garden Kit allows you to grow sage seeds, cilantro, thyme, basil, and parsley straight from your indoor living space.

You don’t even need a garden. Just place them on your windowsill, terrace, dirty kitchen, or veranda. The pots don’t take up too much space.

How to Grow:

These herbs are often planted outdoors. They might be small plants, but they need a lot of air, nutrients, and sunlight to grow properly.

That’s why homeowners with a limited garden space do not attempt to plant these kinds of herbs. Luckily, with the Nature’s Blossom’s Herb Garden Starter Kit, even those living in tiny apartments can raise their own set of herbs.

The idea is to grow the plants indoors during the cold winter months. Then, once spring or summer hits, they should have germinated already and be ready to be placed outside.

2. Rustic Garden Charm Herb Trio


Do you want your city home to give off a traditional, countryside homestead vibe without spending more than a few dollars? Then you need the Rustic Garden Charm Herb Trio.

It’s an indoor herb garden kit that allows you to grow sage, chive, and basil seeds. They come with germination bags, fiber soil, slate makers, and three quaint planter pots that fit on most types of window sills.

These plants will make any indoor living space more rough and rustic. If you want, you can combine the plants with wooden tables and brown wallpaper to truly complete the look.

How to Grow:

  • Set up the kit.
  • Fill the planter pots with soil, and bury the herb seeds.
  • Water them a bit then position on a window sill you want to decorate.

We highly recommend placing it somewhere that receives a good amount of sunlight and airflow. Remember, herbs are sun-loving plants that need a lot of nutrients.

3. Planters Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit


Planters Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit allows city dwellers to grow cilantro, chives, parsley, and basil even without gardening experience. This is the perfect kit for beginners.

Just like the other items on this list, this is a complete package that comes with herb seeds, soil discs, bamboo plant markers, biodegradable pots, and even a herb grinder for when it’s time to use your harvest. All you need to do is read the kit’s simple instructions manual!

How to Grow:

  • Fill the pots with soil.
  • Bury the herb seeds, then water the seeds.
  • Afterward, label the pots with the plant markers that come with the kit.
  • Place the herb pots on the windowsill, terrace, or veranda.

Generally, you can place it anywhere it can get as much sunlight and air as it needs.

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4. FATPLANTS Cedar Planter Box


If your goal in growing herbs is to decorate your indoor living space, then the best indoor herb garden kit for you is the FATPLANTS Cedar Planter Box. These are ornamental herb kits with parsley and basil.

This herbs kit comes complete with a cedar drip tray, compressed oil, planter pots, soil, and storage bag for the basil and parsley seeds.

How to Grow:

Fill the three planter pots with seeds, water, and then position the pots. You can place the pots anywhere you want because basil and parsley are ornamental. We suggest placing them on the kitchen counter, living room table, or window sill.

5. AeroGarden Harvest Elite

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a unique hydroponic set where the seeds grow in water. To stimulate growth, it also comes with its own LED lighting system.

How to Grow:

You can grow this indoor hydroponic herb garden kit as you would with soil. Plant the seeds in the water and then position the stainless mini garden.

The only difference here is that lighting is a requirement. Position the pots in a well-lit spot where it can directly absorb sunlight. This is the best way to maximize its LED lighting system.

6. Mr. Sprout Organic Herb Kit


The Mr. Sprout Organic Herb Kit is one of the most affordable herb garden kits on this list. It’s the perfect option for beginners who are exploring the world of herb growing for the first time and those who are on a tight budget.

Despite being affordable the kit includes five herb seeds: chives, parsley, basil, cilantro, and mint. They also come with a complete set of planter pots, soil pellets, and plant tags.

How to Grow:

  • Sow the herb seeds in the individual pots.
  • Water them then position in a well-lit spot such as a window sill, kitchen counter, or terrace.

7. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit 

The Click and Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit is a state of the art development in the indoor herb garden kit market. It’s a three-cartridge system built with self-watering pots and sensors to regulate the amount of oxygen, water, and nutrients in the soil.

How to Grow:

Sow the seeds as you normally would and let the garden kit do its magic. All you have to do is dial the correct buttons and it will do all the hard work for you.

Check out this video by Garden Answer as they explain how to overcome the struggles of growing an indoor herb garden:

The best part about growing herbs indoors is the smell they emit. No matter what kind of indoor herb garden kit you choose, you can expect them to make your home smell as fresh as an earthy forest on a rainy summer morning.

Plus, you can use the herbs you grow in cooking. Don’t underestimate the power of herbs and spices because they can completely change the way food tastes.

Have you ever tried growing an indoor herb garden kit before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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