Amazing Gift Ideas To Make Out Of Your Sheep’s Wool

Can’t think of what to do with your sheep’s wool? If you need some amazing gift ideas, then let me give you some you can try out that will be so much fun!

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Amazing Gift Ideas to Make out of Your Sheep’s Wool

12 Uniquely Beautiful Sheep’s Wool Gift Ideas

It is that wonderful busy time of the year when everybody is so engaged in decorating their homes and making it ready for the cheerful holiday.

A lot are beginning to prepare and plan gifts for their loved ones. Your holiday presents will surely stand out if it is one of these amazing sheep’s wool gift ideas.

Whenever it’s time for wool production and for me to collect wool, I get all excited about what things I can make out of it. Of course, I sell most of them. I do have a lot of sheeps wool for sale, but when I get the chance I think of what cool things I can convert them to.

And with Christmas just around the corner, I’m starting to come up with gift ideas to make and give my friends and family.

So if you need some gift ideas, check out this list. I’m sure you’ll find something that will interest you.

1. Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls Photo by DIY Projects

Pick your favorite essential oils and gift them to your loved ones. These wool dryer balls will make the clothes feeling soft and smelling good the natural way.

Your recipient will surely enjoy it!

2. Felted Sheep Wreath


This felted sheep wreath is just too cute. Little sheep from sheep wool, oh-so-pretty in various shades of earthly colors.

3. Cactus Pop-Pom


Here’s something super cute. This will make a great gift idea that will be perfect for a table desk as decoration. Fun for all ages, so no matter to whom you’ll be giving it they’ll definitely love this delightfully cute cactus pop-pom.

4. Sheep’s Wool Seat Pad


An amazing gift that anyone who sits for almost eight hours will surely appreciate. Although, this sheep’s wool seat pad will also look good anywhere.

5. DIY Circular Woven Coasters


Do any of your friends need a new set of coasters? Then start weaving and make these DIY circular woven coasters and surprise them with your weaving skills.

I’m sure your effort will receive high praises. This project is on my Christmas DIY gifts.

6. DIY Pom-Pom Key Chain


A little something you can make last minute. It’s a jazzy charm to spruce up your keys, pouch, or even your favorite bag.

Make two or more of this DIY pom-pom key chain to have one for every friend you want to accessorized.

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7. DIY Crochet Hats


Here’s an easy crochet project for beginners and people who’ll appreciate the sheep’s wool insulation. These DIY crochet hats will just be a great gift idea this holiday season to keep your recipient warm and cozy.

8. Crocheted Blanket


Okay, this may take time but I’m sure any loved one you’ll gift it to will love it. It’s the kind of crocheted blanket design perfect for all ages.

It’s absolutely stunning, I’m so glad I found it.

9. Felted Scarf Using Bubble Wrap


Whoever knew bubble wrap has other uses than a stress reliever? Discover the secret on how to use bubble wrap to create an amazingly beautiful felted scarf.

It’s a new way to give a bubble wrap a whole new life. The result, it’s something you’ll surely be proud and happy with!

10. Fluffy Shaggy Wool Yarn Tassel Rug


This looks so stunning you’d think it’s store-bought. This fluffy shaggy wool yarn tassel rug was made without the use of sewing machine.

It’s really easy and yielded that stunning result that I’m sure everyone will have that envy brows rising.

11. Giant Snowball Crocheted Winter White Cowl


With winter coming, this giant snowball crocheted winter white cowl will definitely keep you warm and spruce up any winter outfit you pair it with. It’s also not complicated at all to make one, so make a bunch and give them out to your friends and loved ones.

12. Make Felted Soap


Wool’s exfoliating and antibacterial qualities makes it perfect in cleaning your skin plus the felted soap has come back to the fashion limelight. Making this felted soap is worth all your time and effort.

Still need more gift ideas? Then check out this video from sheep to rug! Watch the entire process from bugsy boat:

Now you have these 12 amazingly beautiful sheep’s wool gift ideas, gather your supplies and choose the sheep’s wool project that best suits your desire. Add your personal touch and brand your gift with your own unique creativity and taste to give your holiday gifts such warmth any recipient will be proud of.

What do you think of these sheep wool gift ideas? Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 1, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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