An odd few questions I have been mulling lately.

Hello! I am 25. I work on a hydroponic farm that practises largely organic techniques. We grow our harvests in vertical towers. I have been working here close to a month now, AND I LOVE MY JOB.

Now, My questions to you redditor’s is 😛 TAGEND

LADYBUGS: agriculture ladybugs, Is this profitable? Could this be something I could turn into a side job and stimulate extra side cash selling to other farms? or anybody that would want them?

BEE( maintaining )’ S: Also thought of doing something like this too. I wouldn’t know where to start, but I’d like to know if this could be something profitable as well, maybe as a side job, if it’s possible

WASPS: Same thing as bee’s, would like input about either or both. I wondered wasps because I know we don’t have enough around my farm to eat the caterpillars.

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