Are farmers interested in renting out an entire farm( buildings included)?

My family has had a farm in ND for generations, and currently we rent out a few of the fields we have for soybeans, sunflowers, and alfalfa. It’s been certified organic since the 90 s, and we keep up the paperwork associated with that.

So I know that people plainly like to rent out certain fields, but here’s the thing. There’s two empty houses on the property( one is well maintained 4 bedroom home) and the other is still livable( gas elecrtic all work) but it was built a hundred years ago so it’s seen a lot of wear and tear over the years. It’s situated a 20 minute drive from bismarck, so there’s access to some city comforts too. There’s also a quanset, and we’ve got a few tractors that my brothers keep going as well. The farm itself is around 400 acres total, but a good section of it is virgin prarie near a creek that we rent for some cattle to graze on, since my mama doesn’t want to till up the soil here, and there are some embankments there which probably wouldn’t make it the best for farming anyway.

So, basically I maintain insuring these houses, and the quanset sit empty all year and I can’t help but think that some farmer with a family, but not enough money to buy land should just live there and farm it as well. My mom believes I’m nuts and that “nobody would want to rent an entire farm”, insisting their goals are generally to own land. But I figured there could possible be some younger farmers, or organic farming forms who would enjoy this type of land. So, in closing, is renting out an entire farm( buildings and all) something you think people would be interested in?

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