Can anyone offer advice ?! I need baby steps in getting started as a current city dweller!

Alright guys, I want your advice. I’ve tried googling this stuff, but all the info I find is targeted at “homesteading” from wherever you are…examples include having backyard chickens or a garden. My town doesn’t permit backyard chicken and I’ve been gardening my whole life…so those articles aren’t precisely helpful.

Currently we live in a small town, and we hope to move to the Boundary Waters area in Northern MN to homestead. I come from a family of farmers, and the farm was passed down from generation to generation until my great uncle operated it into the ground with millions of dollars in debt and we lost everything.

A different great uncle had a dairy farm, but when he died his wife sold it off. I have one living uncle who currently owns an orchard but he is estranged from the family because he was mad the original farm wasn’t given to him, so he’s not talking to any of us.

My point being: even though I don’t want to commercially farm like my whole family has I feel like a huge part of me is missing by living in the city and I want to move to the country to have my own homestead and be self sufficient, but I have no idea where to start.

My parents didn’t love farming and wanted a life working in academia so they’re both profs at a University and they love it. My grandmother was in the process of teaching me basic things like canning, but she’s gotten sick and was put in a nursing home, and now with the pandemic I might not get to ever finish those lessons from her.

When I look at farms for sale they’re millions of dollars, and when I look at land it’s not cheap, but I have no idea how to build anything that doesn’t come with instructions, so building a home or barn feels overwhelmingly impossible.

Despite all this my entire family of 4 kids and husband all have a desire to somehow get to the country and have our own homestead. Is it simply a matter of saving money until we can afford to move? Should we sell our current house and buy a cheaper one?

I feel like everything has to be put on hold because of the pandemic, but I have time to plan/ make a plan, and this subreddit is always so helpful and supportive for everyone else I was hoping that you might have wisdom to offer a city kid whose heart belongs elsewhere. TIA!

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