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Just curious if anyone likes to share stories about how they came into farming and farmland. I think of course it’s cool to hear about multi-generational farms, tales about who farmed what on household land. But equally interesting to hear about folks like myself who chose farming, coming from a different background. In my mom’s household, I have fucking cousin farming plots that have been in the family for at least 5-6 generations( maybe going back longer ), and it feels fairly special to walk those fields and hedgerows, to eat from the same gardens of berries my grandparents picked from when they were kids. What were mixed/ sustenance/ dairy/ oat farms are directed simply to cattle or horses. And that is an ocean away( Sweden) from where I was born/ created/ live( Canada ).

My wife and I were not born and raised on farms, but instead in North American cities of over a million people. We both did the hippy-young-person thing of working on organic farms/ homesteads during/ after university, and met as coworkers on a diverse organic marketplace garden. From the beginning our dream was to buy land and make a living off of it. Regrettably we’ve had to live in cities for 6/8 past years( as we’ve made babies and ran kitchen/ create tasks )., but then fortunately we’ve been able to rent land( and greenhouse, walk-in cooler, irrigation) from the semi-retired market gardeners we worked for( where we met ). We have been commuting farmers for three years( growing seasons) now, incubating our business to point where we recently got a farm mortgage and bought a property where we can expand veggie production from less than an acre to 5 acres. I can’t help but have multi-generational dreams about be property we bought: we can plant trees under whose shade our future-hypothetical grandkids can sit. We can have room to grow more volume and more variety of annual veggies as well as perennial veggie and fruit harvests. We can have long-term stewardship over a piece of ground, really build up the soil in a decades long way.

Anyone else have similar stories, plans/ dreams?

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