Devoted the chance to farm 10,000 sq. ft.( Zone 6) for one year to raise money for my own farm. What would you do?

My gf and I relocated to the Cascades to begin farming. We have been given the chance to farm 10,000 sq ft( zone 6) for the next year to raise capital for a down payment on our property.

What harvests/ rotations would you use to raise the most money in one year?

E.g. Focus on one/ two high value crops, grow multiple ranges, plant x early in the season followed by y, z, etc.

Additional details:

We may be able to farm more than 10,000( no more than 20,000)

We have been gifted 10 pounds of seed garlic.

Irrigation and organic certification are in place.

We have an outlet for our goods through an established market vendor.

We may have access to a commercial kitchen to create value added products with our render.


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