How To Get Rid Of Flies | 13 Natural And Homemade Fly Repellents

Find out how to get rid of flies naturally and effectively. If those pesky insects are ruining your time outdoors, use these tips-off and tricks to get rid of them naturally. It’s time to learn how to keep those flies at bay! A From homemade fly traps to fly repellent, take your pick on how to get rid of flies easily and naturally.

How To Get Rid of Flies | Tried and Tested Tricks

Homemade Fly Traps

1. DIY Mango Wine Bottle Fly Trap

Amazingly, even flies cannot defy the intoxicating power of wineathey’ll be drawn to the fragrance of the fruit inside the bottle. The notion is to trap the fly inside the bottle and send them to their doom by adding a few strips of mango or other fruit as fly bait.

2. Compost Bowl Fly Trap

Gnats, fruit flies, and home flies are easily attracted to rotten things and making a DIY trap with compost as fly bait will be very effective. You can even use this method for your large scale compost which I am pretty sure is also a concern in your homestead.

3. Easy Homemade Fruit Fly Trap

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You’ll be amazed at this quick and easy method to get rid of gnats and fruit flies. It’s super simple, you may even wonder why you haven’t thought of this before. You only require a jar, fruit slice, and a piece of paper. Get rid of fruit flies with this easy homemade fly trap!

4. Homemade Fly Paper

Flypaper is convenient but as a true blue homesteader, I opt to construct my own, naturally and chemical-free. Best of all, is I get to use homegrown honey instead of the icky stuff in the commercial flypapers that sometimes sticks to my hands.

Remember y’all, you can catch more home flies with honey than with cider vinegar.

( I may not have come up with this saying first, but I sure do say it a lot !)

5. Tried And True Fly Trap Recipe

For some reason, gnats and fruit flies are attracted to this mixture. See how you can make it hereA and get rid of gnats and flies.

6. DIY Organic Fly Trap

Want a little upcycling project to keep the flies away? Here’s something you can attain with a two-liter soda bottle. You can also get theA instructions and full details for a DIY fly trap here.

7. The King Of DIY Fly Traps

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