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Want to learn how to grow glass gem corn? If you do, continue reading and prepare yourself to be amazed how easy it is to grow this heirloom!

Growing Your Very Own Glass Gem Corn

When glass gem corn stimulated waves online a couple of years back, I’ve been itching to try my hand at growing it. Ideally, corn isn’t really hard to grow, all it needs are the right conditions. But before you jump to conclusions, let’s clear things up. This glass gem corn is NOT a GMO corn creation. It’s a real variety of a beautiful-looking corn. Want to start growing it? Here’s how 😛 TAGEND



Commonly, corn is easily killed by frost, so it is a must that you plant it when the frost threat outdoors is over. It is best you wait until the soil is all warmed up to 60 Adeg before you start to germinate the seeds. Wait until you gratify these conditions and you won’t have a hard time growing glass gem corn. You don’t really need to hasten it.

Ideally, corn loves sunny and wind-protected space. If you’re fond of planting corn in rows, with glass gem corn, it’s actually better to plant it in blocks, 3 deep by 3 wide. The extra space will give your corn an easier hour pollinating.

Make an inch-deep pit in a nitrogen-filled soil and plant 3 seeds together, about a foot apart. The seeds will bud in 7 to 10 days. There will be poor seedlings to one plant per foot, so remove unnecessary seedlings by cutting them off at soil level. Never uproot them!


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Your corn will not have the capacity to contend with weeds, particularly the entire main month of growth, so ensure your corn beds are completely free from weeds. Corn requires around one inch of water every week, particularly when the stubbles start to develop. Don’t allow the plants to get overly dry amid pollination or they’ll have missing parts.

When your corn is already knee-high( most likely by the fourth of July ), apply some fish-based manure.


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Around 3 weeks after corn silk shows up, begin checking the ears for peak readiness. Pull back a portion of the straws and use your thumbnail to penetrate it. If smooth liquid squirts out, you’re prepared to gather. The remainder of the ears will be set to ready for harvest in got a couple of days.

Donat remove your corn from their stubbles until theyare dried out. From that point onward, they’re ready to be used as adornment or seed stockpiling!

Want more tips-off on how to grow glass gem corn? Check out this video from ElGatoLoco6 98: A

I was blown away when I first detected the wonders of this glass gem corn. Thatas why I didnat miss out on the opportunity of having them here in my homestead garden. So my fellow homesteaders, if you want a new and beautiful addition to your homestead garden, Iam sure you will have fun growing your own glass gem corn.

What do you think of this glass gem corn? Will you devote it some space in your homestead garden? Let us know in specific comments below.A

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