How to Stimulate a Knife in a Survival Situation

Knowing how to make a knife is a handy skill to have in any emergency survival situation. A survival knife is handy for cook, creating shelter, hunting, and self-defense when necessary. Even if you are the most self-sufficient, expert prepper, you should taught to make a survival knife out of stone so you can make this tool should the survival situation call for it.

How to Build a Knife in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Find the Best Location


Not all areas are abundant withA rocks that are good for stimulating blades. Scout your area to findA where the quality rocks hide. AA creek, for example, tends to be loaded with quality boulders that stimulate excellent blades.

Step 2: Find Quality Rocks for the Blade


Rocks that are excellent for building knivesA make a ringing sound, or they sound like glass when you clack them together. Stimulate sure to choose stones that are relatively largeA because most of them will have a weathered outer surface called the cortex. The bigger the boulder, the more quality material there will be under the cortex.

Step 3. Find a Hammer Stone


A hammer stone is a medium-sized rock with a rounded surface. This will be used for chippingA off the blades.

Step 4: Ten-strike the Rocks


PlaceA theA rock on your thigh and smacking the edge of it usingA the hammer stone.A The hammer stone should glance off the leading edge. Strike the hammer stone in a continuous motion, such that it follows through and does not stop on impact.

Step 3: Blades


If done properly your blades will chip outA of the boulder. The larger the stone, the larger the blades.

Step 6: How to Use a Stone Knife


When using a stone knife, hold it close to yourA body and pullA in a slicing motion. This will protect the fragile edge from chipping and breaking.

** The content of this post is an adaptation of Hedgehog Leatherworks'” How to Make Stone Blades for Wilderness Survival “.** Thanks for the great tutorial !!!

Are you ready to induce your own knife? Watch the full video for more details .

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Thatas all, fellow homesteaders! We hope that you enjoy our knife attaining tutorial. Hopefully you are able never need to, but use this survival ability when you’re in situation that calls for something sharp and handy.

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