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How To Attain Essential Petroleums At Home | Homesteading Skills

Learn how to make essential oils at home and discover more amazing benefits you can get from these natural wonders. We will give you a thorough guidebook in building essential petroleums at home plus the best tips-off and tricks in constructing essential oils from dried herbs and plants. We will be extracting the essence of your favorite herbs and blooms right in the consolation of your kitchen!

Learn How To Induce Essential Oils Like A Homesteader

What You Need To Know When Attaining Essential Oils


Essential oils are not oils which contain fatty acids. Instead, they are the concentrated plant essence.

What is good in a plant reflects in its essential oil so you can use it for personal care, disinfection, or healing.

Essential oil instances are peppermint, tea tree, and roses. These are known for their antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

Essential oils are distinct from fragrance petroleums. Fragrance oils merely simulate the perfumes of plants and do not have the essential oil benefits.

Essential oils are hard to find in localities thus expensive. This is a good reason why it’s good to learn how to construct essential petroleums from dried herbs yourself.

Flowers or plant components to extract( in this case rose petals)

120 proof Vodka

Clear quart glass jar with a lid

Small dark-colored bottle

Porcelain-coated strainer

Small glass bowl

Tight-weave chess cloth

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