Interested in agriculture – any tips?

Hello all. I am interested in farming and ranching. I am going to college but I am not sure what the hell is get. The college has small farm/ organic certificates and degrees in specializations and sciences.

I live in southern Texas. Not sure how good the soil is in southern Texas but east Texas has a lot of good spirit and thousands of miles of plantations.

I wanted to start simple and work my style up. I know farming is expensive and not that profitable but I have a passion for nature and hard work. I know I will be tired stinky and dirty hands until I can afford to pay labor.

At first I wanted to make a general small farm but as I did research I realise it’s best places great importance on 1 type of thing and be really great at it.

I know that I am mixing run and home into a single intergrated farm lifestyle.

I been doing research and learn. The tools and machinery are expensive but I want to build up to that.

I been researching business planning lands specializations and ways to work on agriculture.

My grandma has 50 acres of land and they use it for hunting. I been looking at it. It is alright land. The only problem is it is far from cities and small towns.

I do have a passion for agriculture but I don’t know if I should do this.

Any body have any tips-off? I am researching but I always welcome good friendly wisdom and experience. Thanks for everything.

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