Is “farm school” worth it?

Want to get “into” farming. Not “start a farm” I entail yeah that would be sick and one day I’m all about it but I look at it like any other business. You don’t wake up one day and run “I’m gonna open a instrument shop” if you know nothing about instruments.

I want to work outside, in all weather. I want to work hard and I want to get dirty. I actually think farming is admirable and attractive and desperately needed in modern society.

That being said I’ve seen a lot of organic and sustainable farming courses and certification programs available. Problem is I’m a young guy “2 5” with a kid and a 9-5 m thru f task with moderate to low income. I can’t simply up and drop it to go to school without being homeless. I also can’t drop it for a part time field hand job.

So my question is how do I get involved? Should I truly be saving up and trying for these schools in a few years? Any resources to suggest for an apprenticeship type program? Scholarships?

I’d be happy to just “work” on a farm for the next 10 years plus. As log as I can support my family. I’m a hard worker and eager to learn from the ground up.

Update 8/ 28 😛 TAGEND

Thanks for all the advice! I have a phone interview with a goat dairy farm tomorrow to be assistant herd manager! Wish me luck!

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