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Joey McIntyre Reveals The Best Advice Donnie Wahlberg Ever Gave Him

Joey McIntyre can’t help but experience thankful these days.

The singer and actor just launched his own scripted see on Pop TV, and he’s about to liberate an EP and kick off a tour with New Kids on the Block.

The TV series, dubbed” Return of the Mac ,” encounters McIntyre playing an exaggerated version of himself alongside his real-life wife, Barrett Williams, and their three children. Loosely based on their own lives, the see encounters McIntyre trying to land a serious acting gig on TV, but determining for a talk see hosting role instead. It features a batch of guest stars, including January Jones, Joey Fatone and Jenny McCarthy. And it’s co-executive being developed by a familiar look: fellow NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg.

Pop TV
Joey McIntyre in “Return of the Mac.”

McIntyre, 44, was of the view that Wahlberg, 47, will assist in get the series off the field.

” He was there when I requirement him and he wasn’t when I didn’t need him. He would stay out of my whisker ,” he announced jokingly during an interview with The Huffington Post on Build Series.” No, he was very supportive .”

But the friendship starts deeper than that.

” I’ve checked in with Donnie even without New Kids on different career stuff. He has a ton of suffer, one tonne of success. But I remember checking in with him in real life years ago and I asked him,’ How do you do it ?’ I perhaps came from an audition or something like that. I didn’t think he’d have this magical answer but he announced,’ You gotta take your lumps .’ It was so simple but it was pretty wise ,” McIntyre announced.” No matter what you do you kind of got to go with the ups and downs and take your slams and take your lumps .”

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