Kylie Jenner explains konfusion behind that time she mistook a pig for a chicken

Kylie Jenner wants you all to know that she definitely knows the difference between chickens and swine, because duh, who doesn’t.

Fans bombarded the makeup mogul’s social media with links to a viral clip of Kylie mistaking a swaddled babe swine for a chicken, so naturally, she turned to Snapchat to clear things up.

All right, so everyone stop tweeting me this one Vine of my mommy get me a swine and I mistake it for a chicken, she supposed. But heres the real tale behind me thinking that its a chicken.

“I love chickens and my mommy asked me what I wanted for my housewarming talent, ” Kylie explained in a series of cracks, telling she informed her mother she was dying for chickens and a chicken coop.

We had, like, over 10 speeches about it, Kylie supposed. So when I saw her downstairs with something all wrapped up in her limbs and I was upstairs, of course I presupposed it was a chicken.

Turns out, it was definitely not a chicken. Chickens do not have snouts and swine do not have feathers, but Kylie explained that she couldn’t tell what her mommy was maintaining and just assumed because of their speeches Kris was nuzzling a bird.

“I never asked for a swine. We had, like, 10 speeches about this damn chicken, ” she clarified.

“I wanted us to construct the public bulletin that I do know the difference between a chicken and a swine, ” she supposed, before explaining that friends were private messaging about the unfortunate ordeal.

We never doubted you, Kylie, but maybe next time tell Kris that baby swine no matter how adorable are not the same as that used chickens.

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