Man Collects Bottle Caps For 5 Years To Redo His Kitchen, And Heres The Result

One guy designed and built a custom bottle cap saloon top that would become the centerpiece of any room.

He and his family members or friends saved 2,530 brew caps over 5 years specifically for this project. The caps belong to domestic, ship, and importation drinks.

“The initial idea was to lay out an image consists of bottle caps, ” he mentioned. “Then reality set in and we opted for the much simpler gradient effect.” The selected sequence is called ROYGBIV( a sequence of hues, commonly described as making up a rainbow: rainbow: red, orange, amber, light-green, blue, indigo and violet ).

It took at least 4 hours and several restarts to get the desired motif. “Initially I was being pretty anal about cap alignment, colouring disbursement etc. In the end, we decided to introduce entropy and New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk, which I seem was the secret ingredient.” Everything was then covered with 5 layers of epoxy resin and voila! A perfect conversation starter for any indoor party.

One creative humankind are determined to remake his kitchen, making its countertop the most impressive feature

He and his family members or friends collected 2,530 caps during the course of 5 years to make it happen

The production started with sorting out the caps by hue: “Basically tried to bucket them into ROYGBIV, ” he explained

“Two huge pieces of quality 5/8 ” plywood form the base. The railings are 1 1/2 ” poplar and were notched with a table envision and hand routed”

“Painted matte black with several cans of Rustoleum. The finish does not have to be perfect because it will be covered in epoxy”

“[ But] it needs to be as close to perfectly level as possible, otherwise, the epoxy resin will “pool” in low spots”

“The initial idea was to lay out an image consists of bottle caps, then reality set in and we opted for the much simpler gradient effect”

“This is <...> resin, which fills any available airspace. It was better to simply pour the resin gradually making thin layers , not thick enough to cover the caps”

“It took~ 5 layers to thoroughly encompass the caps”

“Visually, we felt it would be more interesting dispersing various caps to add pops of color”

“Here you can see how we laid them out permitting the caps to “flow” into each other, rather than having hard colouring stops”

“I am so proud of this project. It is a real conversation piece and we did it together, true-blue DIY”

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