Michelin star chef whips up weight-loss success in the kitchen

A Michelin star chef who acknowledges to having a meat addiction has penned a journal in hopes of helping others who face similar weight-loss conflicts. Michael Psilakis, who owns seven New York restaurants, recently published Live to Feed: Cooking the Mediterranean Way, and said his recipe for success revolves around seven key ingredients and weekly healthy meal prep.

Ive literally gained and lost hundreds of pounds, Psilakis, a father-god of two, told Fox News. At my heaviest, I would say that I was a little over 300 pounds. Im merely 6 feet tall, so,[ thats] pretty big. And then Id say if Im in my right shape, I would probably be about 175 pounds.


Psilakis, who is down four belt sizings and counting, tapped into his Greek heritage and began crafting a weeks merit of banquets using what he calls his wonderful seven ingredients. The index includes Mediterranean diet staples like blanched veggies, Greek yogurt and tomato sauce. He likewise replaces butter with garlic confit for his recipes, which helps to add more flavor to the dish.

Every week there is a requirement dedicate about two hours of your time to get all of this material ready, Psilakis said. We would call it mise en home in the restaurants sector how we cook in a eatery is going to be how I want “youve got to” cook at home. If you prepare yourself and you have all your ingredients ready, all of your mise in place, all of your material is right in front of you, then to build the dish is genuinely just assembling.


Psilakis banquets include yummy ingredients that can be used in multiple bowls. For instance, one recipe calls for “youve got to” roast cherry tomatoes with minced garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Add oregano, salt and pepper before putting it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Formerly complete, tomatoes can be stored in an air tight receptacle and later are in addition to bowls like spicy roasted salmon with chipotle yogurt sauce, or pasta with chicken and roasted tomato pesto.

While many of the books bowls incorporate veggies, Psilakis said its important to prevents a healthy balance in life.

I dont want to live a life without ice cream, so I can be uber healthy, Psilakis said. Im not the kind of guy who is going to go to the gym for two hours per day, every single day for the rest of “peoples lives”. I cant do that.

He also said a key to having weight-loss success is to prevent duplication in your meals.

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