Natural Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure

According to the Center For Disease Control( CDC ), About 75 million American adults( 29%) have high blood pressure( also called hypertension ). That’s 1 in every 3 American adults. Anyone, including children, can develop high blood pressure. It greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, the first and third resulting causes of demise in the United States.

High Blood Pressure | A Natural Methods You Should Know

If left untreated, it can present other numerous health problems as well. According to the American Heart Association, it causes the following 😛 TAGEND Heart assaults a High blood pressure injuries arteries that can become blockeds and prevent blood from flowing to tissues in the heart muscle. Stroke a High blood pressure can cause blood vessels in the brain to burst or clog more easily. Heart failure a The increased workload from high blood pressure can cause the heart to enlarge and fail to supply blood to the body. Kidney disease or failure a High blood pressure can injury the arteries around the kidneys and interfere with their ability to effectively filter blood. Vision loss a High blood pressure can strain or damage blood vessels in the eyes. Sexual dysfunction a This can be erectile dysfunction in men or lower libido in girls. Angina a Over time, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease or microvascular illnes. Angina, or chest pain, is a common symptom. Peripheral artery disease( PAD) a Atherosclerosis caused by high blood pressure can cause a narrowing of arteries in the leg, limbs, belly, and head, causing pain or tirednes. image via Fenugreek Seeds Lemon Banana Honey Garlic Celery Onion Juice In a 2-quart sauce pan, simmer 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds for 2 minutes and strain. Using a food processor mix the fenugreek seeds until a paste is formed. Eat this paste twice a day- once first thing in the morning on an empty belly, then once in the evening. Squeeze half of a lemon into a glass of water. Mix well and drink on an empty stomach in the morning. Peel 1-2 cleaves of garlic. Gently crushed them with a butter knife or the back of a spoonful. Eat these cleaves of garlic each morning. Eat 1-2 stalks of celery daily with a glass of water. If “youd prefer”, you can just snack on celery throughout the day as long as it adds up to 1-2 stems a day.

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