Not your average Monday night, a full-blown rave on the London Underground

The Underground is a glorious network of instructs and railways that connect all of London.

On the worst of periods, it’s a jam-packed, sweaty commute fitted with disgruntled people. On the best use of periods, it’s a rave.

In the video above, a mortal whipped out his phone to register his unusual evening commute. He hop-skip onto the carriage to discover a full-blown rave inside. There was music blast and passengers dancing neon lights and even a mortal on the mic.

“Not your normal Monday night on the Bakerloo line, ” the man wrote about the video which was shared to Youtube.

It certainly is unusual, but also, somewhat spectacular.

The British Transit Police Paddington eventually broke up the event and tweeted, “We’ve merely removed a fully fledged rave from a Bakerloo Line tube! All light hearted and very co-operative. #Bakerloo running normally.”

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