On the verge of buying 47 acre peanut farm, advice?

So the wife and I are moving to the country. A little background on me, I was raised spending my summertimes on my grandfather’s farm. He grew peanuts, corn, cotton, soybeans, and peas for U-pick over the 35 years of my life before passing. Well fast forward 10 years, and my wife and I want to buy a farm. She does hair and stimulates really good money at it, I am a DJ for weddings and build ok money. Being that my job is mainly one day a week, it leaves me with a ton of time on my hands.

The wife and I want to buy a 47 acre peanut farm that recently went on sale for a very good price. I am sure this is due to the recent downturn in farming but want to attain the most out of it. So here is my plan so far, growing U-pick blueberries, also growing squash, zucchini, tomatoes to be completely organic for farmers market, or local restaurants. I also plan to build a small 2400 sq ft barn on the back of the property for a clubhouse for selling veggies and jams/ gelatins made from the blueberries. This spot will double as a wedding venue on Saturday evenings, and bring in additional revenue. As an added twist, once our country decriminalizes cannabis, we plan to having niche weddings where we “ve brought” 420 friendly vendors to host small fully themed weddings. We plan to keep the events small for two reasons, we are therefore don’t piss off the neighbors, and because it’s easier to AC a smaller barn.

So, my question is, do you think this is a viable plan, or would just planting harvests on it construct me more fund? Of course not right now with the trade war going on, but is there a sunlight at the end of that tunnel where one would profit much higher than the other? Thank you for the comments, I am new to this sub but plan on spending a lot of hour here.

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