Organic Garlic Farm, help with set up research

Howdy Guys, hope this sub has some super helpful people lurking away.

I live in New Zealand and have noticed a massive gap in our marketplace, organic garlic is almost impossible to get a reliable supplying of. I have contacted several organics retail chains and they are all needing a much higher supply. Most offered a current price of $30 nzd per kilogram( Roughly $22 usd).

If I were to go into the industry as a start up what would be the best system to use? We have relatively high labor costs in New Zealand but land outside of the main centers is cheap. I am thinking of 3-4 hectares, so will I need tractor/ rotary hoe/ planter or can I get away with walking behind gear?

What sort of weeding and fert systems work in an organic garlic system?

I am researching for myself as well but reddit can sometimes be an awesome resource so any help is appreciated.

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