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Our Best Homesteading Ideas of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for us all to reflect upon the year. Here at Homesteading we’ve rounded up our top posts just for you. This is the best of the best when it comes to homesteading advice, tips, and tricks.

…All the homesteading favorites in one blog based on what YOU have liked & shared the most throughout the year.

Thanks for all your awesome support! We can’t wait for what 2016 holds. 🙂

Our Best Homesteading Ideas of 2015

We are closing another great year and starting anew! Homesteaders should never run out of ideas to become more self-sufficient and creative with how things go around the homestead. So to celebrate the year that has been, I’m rounding up the best homesteading ideas we had for 2015. From dollar store crafts, to chicken coop designs, down to delicious recipe ideas. In case you missed them, here’s your chance to have everything readily available with just a click!

1. Dollar Store Crafts for the Homestead

If you’re in love with dollar store crafts, here are 54 ideas you will find useful for your homestead. Read more about them here.

2. Awesome Chicken Coop Ideas and Designs

Why settle for the plain and boring chicken coop when you can make yours awesome. Take your pick here.

3. Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Herbs aren’t just grown outdoors. Learn how to grow them indoors and then some with these garden ideas.

4. Top 5 Knife Making Tutorials

Ever wanted to make your own knives? Try these 5 knife making tutorials!

5. Thieves Oil Uses for Everyday Living

Find out the amazing benefits of thieves oil and see these effective home remedies.

6. Savory Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Recipes

Make your dinner more savory with these dinner ideas you can make with your cast iron. Get all 21 of them here.

7. Home Depot Hacks

When you make your next stop at Home Depot, try one or two of these 32 hacks.

8. Tastiest Crockpot Recipes

A cast iron isn’t the only favorite in the homestead. Try these crockpot recipes that are guaranteed tasty.

9. Homesteader’s Guide to Basic Carpentry Skills

Learn the basics of carpentry and start learning some woodworking skills. Check them out here.

10. The Best Winter Hot Chocolate

Even if it says winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t have this delicious drink all year long. Get the recipe here.

11. DIY Turbine Generators

Harness the power of the wind by making these DIY turbine generators.

12. Homesteading For Beginners

Just starting out or planning to start homesteading? Here’s your quick start guide to point you to the right direction.

13. Off the Grid Hacks

Planning to go off the grid? Here are 43 hacks I’m sure you’ll find useful!

14. Prepare Your Livestock and Barn For Winter

Get your livestock and barn ready for winter with these homesteading tips.

Want to see how a real homestead looks like? Take a tour with Becky’s Homestead on this video:

So what do you think? I’m sure you’ll find these homesteading tips useful and will have you ready for 2016. Share your thoughts below in the comments! 🙂

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