Question about EU vote on glyphosate ban

Hi everybody! I would not consider myself in the same league as many of the large scale producers here…We merely do 20 acres of diversified produce. But merely doing 20 acres of produce I still use a carnival sum of glyphosate in the springtime. This has me wondering…how could the EU producers manage economically without this herbicide. Can they use Dicamba or an any of the other compounds or will they be switching to a largely organic technique of farming? Without a burndown application is no till farming not an option? Will these farmers be able to survive in a global marketplace? I shy away from any conventional insecticides on all my render except for winter squash( carbaryl) and choose to use organic as they run quite well in my opinion. However, I never actually had a concern with glyphosate. In all my reading it seems to be rather inert after a short amount of period and the cancer hazards are unverified. It seems to me both political extremes are scientifically illiterate but I am open to being wrong in my opinion.

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