Seeking advice for leased land farming

I’ve come across an opportunity to farm 2/3 acres of land for an organic farm in Colorado. I will be providing the seeds and plant starts, preparing beds for planting, setting up water distribution for irrigation, weeding and general upkeep, harvesting the vegetables, and preparing the product for distribution at farmers markets. I may also be working on the business side of things to find new boulevards to sell vegetables.

I will be doing 99% of the work to bring the veggies to market. The proprietors of the land want to trade these duties for a percentage of vegetable sales at their farmers marketplace. I have never farmed on leased land before, and I don’t know what percentage of the sales I should negotiate for. Does anyone have any experience with negotiating a contract for agriculture on leased land? Any resources out there I can read or watch that would help me out?

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