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Self-Sustaining Ideas For Living The Homesteader’s Dream

Are you in need of some self-sustaining ideas? If you want to be self-sufficient in your homestead, then these ideas will help you get there!


Self-Sustaining Ideas For Living The Homesteader’s Dream

Living in a homestead can almost always mean that you are miles away from a neighbor and most likely a couple of hours away from the city. This is most especially true if you own your own plot of land. I’m sure by now you’ve gotten your way around being self-sufficient but in case you still need some tips and ideas on how you can sustain yourself with what you have, I have a couple I’d like to share. I’m confident you’ll find them very useful.

1. Planting Trees from Twigs

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Have you ever wondered how to plant a tree? If you want to plant a tree on your homestead, consider this trees from twigs method. Read more about it here.

2. Guide to Composting

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Keep your soil healthy and ready for planting all the time by making your own compost.

3. Weeding Made Easy

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Weeding should not be a tedious task. Make it easy with these tips and tricks.

4. How to Amend Clay Soil

Clay soil isn’t really the best type of soil for planting a lot of things but you can make it better with these steps.

5. Growing Food From Scraps

Growing food doesn’t have to be complicated. You can even grow them from scraps with these tips.

6. Drying Herbs

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Plant them and learn how you can keep them longer. Check out how here.

7. Grow Fruit Trees for Profit

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Did you know you can earn extra profit from growing fruit trees? Learn how here.

8. Grow Microgreens

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Add some greens to your homestead with these microgreens. See how here.

9. Starting a Vertical Garden

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In case you don’t have a lot of space, plant it vertically!

10. Seed Starting Tips

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Make A DIY Greenhouse from recyclables for seed starting. Expert homesteading tips for sustainable living.

11. Using Gray Water

Did you know that you can use gray water into something useful? See how here.

12. Build a Chicken Coop

Why hire or buy a chicken coop when you can build one in just 4 easy steps?

13. Fodder System

Start growing your own livestock feed to get started in your fodder system. See how here.

14. Repurpose Materials Around the House

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Don’t just recycle, repurpose! See how here.

15. Natural Household Cleaners

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Never have to go to the store to purchase your cleaners. Find out what you have available in your household, they’re all natural!

16. Canning

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Follow these 13 easy steps and you’ll have canned food in no time.

17. Refrigerator Pickles

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Grab a jar, let’s get started making refrigerator pickles!

18. Dehydrate Foods

Want to try another method of preserving food, try dehydrating it.

19. Herbal Salve

Just 5 steps and you’re on your way to making your own homemade salve.

20. Herbal Tincture

Become self-sufficient and get rid of minor aches and pains with this natural home remedy.

21. Homesteading Projects for Preppers

If you’re off the grid, these homesteading projects will be perfect to try.

22. Off the Grid Hacks

When you go off the grid, you don’t really have to do everything by the book. That’s why people invented hacks!

Want to get inspired? Here’s a couple who are backyard farmers by necessity, they’re self-sufficient and also debt-free! Watch it here from Kirsten Dirksen:

Do these tips make you feel more confident about becoming self-sufficient? Let us know below in the comments! 🙂

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