Setting Up A Chicken Brooder

Whether you bought chicks from aA feed store or hatchery or hatched your own eggs in an incubator, youare going to need a chicken brooder until they are big enough to venture outside alone. Learn how to make one here!

Easy To Construct Chicken Brooder

Young birds, which have not yet feathered a those under around 6-8 weeks, depending on the breed a will need to be housed in a procure, warm region, with access to food and water 24/7. Building your own chicken brooder is easier and a lot cheaper than you might suppose. So if you are considering increasing your flock, or getting started with keeping chickens, here’s a simple tutorial that you can follow along for setting up your own chicken brooder.

What You Need For Your Brooder:

What you use for a brooder is up to you and your circumstances. Many people have custom-built wooden brooders, made with 2×3′ s and hardware cloth. Personally, I do not like to use timber, because I like to super-disinfect every so often, and thus I opt plastic.

Others use Rubbermaid tubs, an excellent option if you donat have cats. Itas hard to put a procure lid on a Rubbermaid tub, though I have ensure some great ones constructed from the actual lid of the tub and hardware cloth. These stimulate me nervous though when used together with a hot lamp. Too much potential for melting!

You could, of course, spring for one of those amazing GQF brooders. Youall sometimes find them second hand on Craigslist, but youall have to be quick. They go fast. Theyare all singing, all-dancing, top of the line brooders a and they’re priced accordingly.


My personal favourite is to use an old rabbit or guinea-pigA enclosure, such as what you see in the picture. Theyare often at thrift stores, Goodwill, on Craigslist, at yard sales; the bottom line is, you can pick them up cheap. Theyare plastic, so they can be scrubbed and cleaned, which should be done after every batch of chicks. They also have nice procure wire tops, which make it harder( I hesitate to say impossible) for marauding barn cats to gain entry. Lastly, should the wire top come into contact with the hot lamp, thereas little to no chance of flame. In an environment where there is fodder and bedclothe, this is of paramount importance.

What You’ll Need To Set Up A Brooder: A

Brooder box Heat source Starter feed Feeder Waterer Bedding material or sand image via thegardencoop image via backyardchickens image via redwicket image via technobillies image via backyardchickens

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