Sigur Rs knows its audience, launches a weed candy

Wild Sigurberry gumdrops inspired by the band’s homeland .

Image: sigur ros

Gum lowerings have never been so soothing now that Icelandic rock band Sigur Rs has its own path of cannabis gummies. The band’s earthy, ephemeral songs will be even more chill after the “Wild Sigurberry” THC-infused gum lowerings are liberated next week.

The group teamed up with cannabis retailer Lord Jones to generate the medicated gum plummets inspired by the flavors of the group’s native Iceland, apparently known for its foraged berries, including wild blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. The Wild Sigurberry treats come in five THC and CBD( cannabidiol, a cannabis obtain) dosages, so there’s plenty of options. THC will get you high, but CBD not as much.

The edibles are a limited-edition offering and come in a fancy blue-blooded container with the Sigur Rs crest on the box. You can get a container of nine starting at $40. Because buying weed products isn’t allowed in all states, but CBD products are, only a pure CBD version will be available nationwide. In California, select dispensaries will have the THC versions of the brand-new product available for medical marijuana cardholders. If you live in another area where weed is legal, you can just order it online.

The candy’s launch will be even better with the band and cannabis retailer hosting a “sound bath” in Los Angeles as part of Tuesday’s product release. Tickets for the occurrence already sold out, according to the band’s website, so don’t get too excited. Those lucky attendees will get to sample the gum lowerings beforehand “to enjoy a fully elevated experience” at the occurrence with music, film, and virtual reality.

Looks like the rest of us will have to simply set up a DIY sound bath. We’d kick ours off with the dreamy Svefn-g-englar.

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