Stop blaming the tech industry for the worlds problems

Everything we do is terrible, replies the trope. Were repressive. Were exploitative. Were sexist, racist, classist. We deify frightful frat-boy brogrammer assholes, while funding, and celebrating, morally bankrupt apps that exist to standing in for their mothers and/ or servants. We destroy employment creation and displace the working class. We cater to the rich and privileged urban upper-class, while the poor mass fall further behind. How can we maybe claim to be constructing a better world?

And the thing is, you can, in isolation, actually make a pretty good example that the tech industry is guilty of all of these things. In isolation. But pull back simply a little, and its difficult to deny that most of these things are symptoms , not troubles symptoms of the world in which we prevail. Compared to the rest of that world, the tech industry is, mainly, a beacon of hope and progress.

The congenital sexism of our industry has been the subject of whole acres of pixels over the last few years; no need belaboring that degree. But at the same occasion, InHerSight, an organization devoted to providing a powerful and representative picture of what its really like for women in the workplace, reports that tech is rated by its respondents as the better industry for women to work in. Yes, you read that correctly. The better of all industries. Despite its manifold, manifest flaws.

Is the upper echelon of tech executives heavily, wildly disproportionately dominated by men? It sure is. But consider the context: specifically, that “were living in” a world where there are more S& P 1500 CEOs called John than there are women.( This is also true-life of the FTSE 100.)

Do the major tech corporations diversity reports make for somewhat grim learn? Yes, they do. But theyre not outright chilling , unlike, suppose, speaking that: racial bitternes played a larger role in the 2016[ American] election than economic concerns Trump successfully leveraged existing bitternes towards African Americans in combination with rising dreads of increased racial diversity in America to reshape the presidential electorate. Meanwhile in the UK, well

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