Study Looks Into Your Chances Of Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Youve got stacks of canned food, a chainsaw at the ready, and the doors all nailed closed. But in case your zombie cataclysm survival project is in need of a review, physics students from the University of Leicester in the UK have looked into the rate of survival in the case of a hypothetical zombie viral outbreak.

Their study even managed to get published in theJournal of Physics Special Topics, a peer-reviewed student journal.

Working on the premise that a zombie can find one person every day, their findings said theres a 90 percentage possibility of a zombie infecting a victim with the zombie-virus. After 100 days of zombie infection, they worked out there would be just 273 persisting human survivors. That would mean zombies outnumber humen a million to one.

They came to these conclusions utilizing the SIR model a scientific model which enables us to gauge the spread of an illness throughout a population. They even managed to factor in that survivors may be less likely to become infected over hour, as they gain experience or knowledge to fend off and fight zombies.

It isnt all bad news, however. In a follow-up study, they included human reproduction rates and the chances of humans killing zombies. They found that “the worlds” human population would eventually be able to replenish itself.

Dr Mervyn Roy, their teacher from University of Leicesters Department of Physic and Astronomy, said in a statement: Every year we ask students to write short newspapers for the Journal of Physics Special Topic. It lets the students show off their creative back and apply some of physics they know to the odd, the wonderful, or the everyday.

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