Summer Flowers | 45 Stunning Blooms Perfect For The Season

Summer flowers or summer-flowering plants signal a golden season of bright sunny weather and warm climate. But for homesteaders, planting flowers with both rhyme and reason is a priority. In short, you want to plant summer flowers with benefits. Whether you want annual flowers that bloom all summer or continuous blooming perennials, they’re right here. Check out this list for the best summer flowers perfect for your home and garden!

Summer Flowers For Lively Gardens And Homes

1. Gloriosa Daisy

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Gloriosa daisy or black-eyed Susan features bright orange petals with a black center. It grows up to 3.5 ft tall, outlasting the season. They should be perfect as a backdrop for low-lying bedding plants in your front yard. Gloriosa daisy attracts beneficial insects and even hummingbirds, great for your vegetable garden.

2. Coreopsis

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Coreopsis means to be cheerful. Exactly the feeling evoked by these lovely blooms swaying in the summer breeze. Gardeners who want to attract butterflies to their garden can depend on coreopsis to do a good job at it. These summer flowers are common in North, Central, and South America. They’re wildflowers so you know they’re tolerant of different soil and dry weather.

3. Dahlia

Dahlias host a variety of different shapes and colors. But its distinct look is a ball-shaped flower head with clustered petals. Different types grow to different heights and sizes and even have different needs. Plant these flowers from seeds in front of taller varieties. Or, behind bedding plants for a cottage flower garden-inspired landscape!

4. Marigolds

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A homesteader with companion planting in his bag of tricks has marigold on the top of his list. These are the reasons: First, they are easy to grow and care for. Next, they attract beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Then, they drive out harmful insects. This is why you will see marigolds lining the borders of vegetable plots. Don’t think marigold only makes veggie plots look nice. They are beautiful summer flowers with a special purpose.

5. Yarrow

 You can say yarrow is one of the few flowers in the homesteader’s ultimate list. It is a drought-tolerant plant planted to prevent soil erosion. It can tolerate all kinds of soil and elevation and thrives in different kinds of weather. Yarrow is also a companion plant, attracting beneficial insects and repelling harmful ones. Best of all, yarrow is a known medicinal plant used in natural healing.

These raised #FLOWER #BEDS look so good!!!

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6. Beardtongue

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Penstemon or beardtongue prefer to grow en masse, but not overcrowded in the same bed. Its interesting flower form makes it a favorite in summer garden landscaping. What it’s best at is attracting birds and butterflies. But it was once used by Native Americans as medicine for both man and animals. Spare a space in your garden for these lovely curiously-shaped summer flowers.

7. Pineapple Lily

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Pineapple lilies or Eucomis is another summer-flowering plant with a unique pineapple shape. It is a native of South Africa, growing in inferior soil and conditions. You can plant pineapple lilies in pots to add to your collection of uncommon plants for show. They’re very low-maintenance, a perfect choice for a busy homesteader.

8. Oxalis

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Oxalis is a common flowering plant growing all over the world. It boasts a variety of species with different flower and leaf forms. Though they grow and spread fast in the wild, they’re grown both as ornamental plants and for food. A wood sorrel is a type of oxalis with fleshy and juicy tubers consumed as food in certain areas around the world.

9. Gloriosa Lily

Gloriosa lily is a climbing or hanging flower variety with lovely blooms. They are great for vertical gardening in limited garden space. But they can spread fast when unchecked. Take care when growing this plant around animals and children. While it’s an amazing summer-flowering plant, it is poisonous when consumed.

10. Surprise Lily

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When you think these plants died down after a season, they come popping out of the ground. Then they bring with them vibrant blooms. Such is the lovely surprise lily! They are also known as resurrection lilies and magic lilies. They grow with little to no care at all, perfect for summer flower gardening.

11. Gaillardia

Gaillardia aristata or blanket flowers are from the sunflower or aster family. They’re called so because they can cover whole fields of fiery red and orange during the summer. It is an iconic summer-flowering plant indeed. Cover a few spots in your garden with these summer flowers. They will attract a modest swarm of butterflies and bees.

12. Peonies

Peony is an important garden mainstay both for its beauty and fragrance. Many homesteads are never without these lovely blooms. They are either herbaceous or can grow as tall as a tree. Depending on your garden landscape, you can either plant peonies in pots or borders.

13. Daffodils

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Daffodils are spring flowers. But they can also bloom way into the summer season. It also hosts a variety of lovely forms and colors. Some varieties are even fragrant. Grow daffodils in your garden once and they will come back every year for a flower show!

14. Daylilies

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Daylilies aren’t lilies at all. The name come from the amazing way the flowers grow. While daylilies are perennial plants, its flower will only bloom for 24 hours. But they are lovely and famous among breeders. They also attract birds and butterflies, which is great for your garden.

15. Zinnia

Zinnia is a drought-tolerant plant grown for its vibrant display of colors. They come from the aster family known for great cut flowers. They add cheer to an otherwise dull landscape and they’re easy to grow. If you want a low-maintenance addition to your flower garden, include Zinnia.

16. Plumeria

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Plumeria is a versatile flowering plant which can last seasons and generations. You wouldn’t think so with its soft branches but some trees can last for years. Like hibiscus, plumeria is a native of the tropics. It can also tolerate some of the driest landscapes.

17. Bougainvillea

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Some of the most beautiful homesteads of the Meditteranean features bougainvilleas. They hang from the doorway or the windows like a lovely veil. The showy blossoms of pink, purple, and red are iconic of the bright and sunny summer season. Plant bougainvilleas in trellis and arbor or along a concrete wall for support.

18. Lavender

Plant lavender next to your home entrance. Then, revel in the calming aroma emitted from these lovely purple flowers come summer. This herbaceous perennial with blue flowers is an important plant for homesteaders. It is a flowering herb with many uses and benefits. It’s a natural fragrance source for homemade soap and cleaning solutions. With lavender, you can never go wrong.

19. Sunflower

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Sunflowers rank as one of the most important to homesteaders. It is also one of the most beautiful and iconic. You can say it is summer indeed with the tall sunflowers swaying in the summer breeze. Every homesteader knows the value of sunflower seeds as a food source both for man and livestock.

20. Periwinkle

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For a summer flowering-plant, the periwinkle is an amazing contender. It tolerates almost all soil types, grows easily, yet blooms lovely flowers all summer long. Deadheading and trimming will only encourage more blooms. It can grow fast from cuttings and spreads when untrimmed. If you want a cottage-inspired flower garden, include periwinkle in your flower choice.

21. Shasta Daisy

These summer flowers are named after Mount Shasta for its snow-white petals. These daisy-like flowers are a gardener’s favorite. Shasta daisy will bloom all summer long. It is one of the loveliest seasonal flowers. They’re great for white floral arrangements and as wedding flowers. Shasta is also identified by its distinct smell some people find unpleasant.

22. Shrub Roses

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Shrub roses are elegant and low maintenance, making them a summer favorite. They can withstand dryness but prefer moist weather. Remember to take great care when planting shrub roses, they do have thorns. They make great flower corsages or boutonnieres.

23. Aster

Few flowers have a blue color in the aster family. Aster, which means “star” in Latin, is a fitting star in your garden. Asters bloom in bright colors and attract butterflies. They are low maintenance, making them the perfect summer wildflower.

24. Hibiscus

Grow hibiscus in your garden if you love the tropics. Hibiscus is a true blue summer-flowering plant. It’s well known for their presence in the tropics. Hibiscus host a collection of different flower colors and forms. Color ranges from red, yellow, purple, orange, white, peach, and pink. They are either in single or double petal flower form.

25. Scarlet Sage

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Scarlet sage will add a beautiful pop of red to any seasonal garden. Salvia coccinea, also known as blood sage or scarlet sage, is a known wildflower. Its habitat allowed it to survive in harsh conditions so it’s an effective summer flower. Watering will bring out its bright colors, attracting birds and the bees.

26. Cosmos

Meadows all over the South are strewn with these lovely swaying flowers. They explode with colors from pink, fuschia to light and bright yellow. They’re important flowers for attracting bees and butterflies.

27. Cornflower

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Cornflowers are in essence, the star of a summer flower garden. These star-shaped spring flowers display a rare indigo color which blooms all through summer. They are also one of the most beautiful blue flowers. They are edible and are even used for culinary displays.

28. Wishbone Flower

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Wishbone flowers are low-lying flowering plants with dainty cup-like blooms. Colors range from yellow, pink, purple, and blue with yellow markings on the inside. Torenias are annuals perfect for filling spaces in flower beds especially the front. Keep the flower bed moist and not wet to keep the blooms fresh.

29. Gerbera

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Gerbera is another herbaceous perennial with daisy-like flowers. Red gerberas are some of the most popular for their straight stem. They make a great flower arrangement for a bouquet or any occasion. They are summer plants and they grow best in well-drained soil.

30. Alstroemeria

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These flowers feature stunning flowers looking like lilies. They boast a lovely color collection. But the orange alstroemeria is the most sought-after. They’re popular flower arrangements for Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, or as wedding bouquet.

31. Hydrangea

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Hydrangeas are herbaceous perennials great for shady areas in your summer garden. They are also long-blooming perennials with blue flowers. But the flower colors can change depending on the acidy of the soil.

32. Celosia

You can better appreciate celosia when planted en masse. The striking colors of red and yellow are a popular park landscape feature in the tropics. Its unusual flower form makes it stand out in a flower garden. The cockscomb flower belongs to this flower family.

33. Cleome

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Another curious-looking summer flower is the cleome. It has a wispy flower form compared to spiders. But its whole form is nothing like a spider. It has lovely color shades of light to deep pink.

34. Purslane

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Plant purslane from a few small cuttings in your garden. You’ll find them growing and spreading on the ground even with little care. You won’t regret growing these low-growing flowers. They have a wonderful flower display standing up to the heat of a summer sun.

35. Petunia

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This summer make sure you have petunias in your garden. For your Fourth of July decoration, red, blue, and white petunias will come handy. You can either grow them in hanging pots or pots sitting in the window.

36. Allium

Allium are beautiful flowers that are known to have tough constitutions. Alliums have many different colors, sizes and flower forms.They are easy to grow and they make great bouquets both fresh and dried. They’re also resistant  to little animals. Alliums will be a great flower for your home this summer.

37. Baby’s Breath

These tiny flowers are big in volume. Baby’s Breath plants branch mostly in early summer to mid-summer. And its stems are slender so it’ll give an airy atmosphere to your garden.

38. Didiscus

Didiscus, also known as “Blue Lace Flower” is native to Australia. It displays rounded globes of star-shaped tiny flowers often blue and purple. Didiscus flowers are low-maintenance flowers for those who live in the hot climates. But make sure you shelter them from strong wind as they are very delicate.

39. Foxgloves

Foxglove flowers havewhite, pink, yellow, lavender, purple and red blooms in tubular shape. These pretty flowers need full sunlight and partial shade to grow. As it gets hotter in the summer they will need more shade.

40. Carnation

Carnation, also known as “Dianthus” usually has 5 petals and its colors vary from white to pink to purple. Carnation flowers sunlight on a daily basis and they should be kept moist. Over-watering could kill these beautiful flowers so we recommend spray watering.

41. Cocks comb 

Cocks’ Comb gets its name from the cock’s comb on a rooster’s head. It’s a beautiful annual flower. Cock’s comb is easy to grow as they can live both in shade and in full sunlight. Its colors are usually red, yellow, pink, orange and white.

42. Amaranth

Amaranths are large and bushy plants, they can grow up to 130cm height. Its leaves are oval and its colors vary from green to red, orange and yellow. Amaranths can easily grow in full sunlight with partial shade. 

43. Alchemilla

Alchemilla, also known as “Lady’s Mantle”  has beautiful tiny yellow flowers and can grow up to 1-2 feet tall. Partial shade is ideal for the plants during very hot days. 

44. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise, also known as “Crane Flowers” are native to South Africa. They bloom from September till May. These beautiful and delicate flowers cannot survive temperatures below 50 degrees, so indoor temperatures are ideal. They also require a good amount of sunlight on a daily basis.

45. Campanula

Campanulas are better known as “Bellflowers”. They are cherry perennial flowers. They can grow in many different regions as long as the nights are cool and daytime has a moderate temperature. They bloom heaviest in June and July but depending on the region they can keep blooming late into October.


Take a quick peek at the summer’s best flowers. See it in this video from WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore:

There you have it practical yet beauty-loving homesteaders! A list of summer flowers for you to choose from. Whether you want summer garden flowers for display, for home use, or for cut flowers indoors, these flowers deserve a spot in your garden. Plan your summer garden and spare the perfect spot for many of these gorgeous flowers on this list.

Which summer flowers are you planting this year? We love to know all about them in the comments section below!

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