Summer Is Almost Here, Here Are 20 Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip

If you are a lover of the outdoors, you must be absolutely thrilled that summer is almost here. There is no better time of year to head into the wilderness!

But, if you are looking to go camping on the cheap, you definitely want to learn how to make these incredible DIY accessories. They’re super helpful and they’ll save you a ton of time and money.

So…what are you waiting for?!

1. You can make a stove with two soda cans. Here’s how.

2. Water filters are necessary if you plan on being in the woods for a long time, so here’s a natural way to make one.

3. By crafting this pocket chainsaw, you’ll be able to cut through tall grass and even some smaller trees.

4. These DIY waterproof pouches will keep your gear from getting wet.

5. This iPad holder is made of PVC pipes and it’s perfect for watching movies as you lie down in your tent.

6. This whistle could save your life if you’re in a bind in the forest and need people to know where you are.

7. Camp stake markers can be useful if you feel you might get lost and won’t be able to find your way back to the tent.

8. Need a sink while out in the wild? This one is relatively easy to make out of a bucket and a foot pump. Use it for washing your hands and keeping food clean.

9. These little fire tubes hold all the necessary ingredients to start a fire and keep it burning.

10. Turn your walking stick into a chair if you need to rest for a bit. Find out how here.

11. Want to get grilling? You got it! All you need are these tools that easily fit in your pocket.

12. If you don’t want wet toilet paper, make this easy dispenser out of an old soda bottle.

13. Here’s how to make a solar hot dog cooker out of a Pringles can.

14. Just because you’re in the wild doesn’t mean you can’t kick back and relax! Learn how to make this woodsy hammock with just a few tools.

15. You’ll be happy you brought this DIY canteen that keeps water clean.

16. This Altoids container candle will keep you warm and shine some light as night falls on your camp.

17. This canvas chair will keep you comfy when you need to plop down for a rest on your hike.

18. Keeping ticks away is a cinch with this repellent recipe. It’s all-natural and completely effective.

19. This completely waterproof LED jar lamp will definitely be useful out in the woods, and it’s not as hard to make as you might think.

20. If you’re really craving some bread on your trip, here’s a way to turn a flower pot into a bread maker.

(via Instructables)

Once you learn how to do all of these sweet DIY camping projects, you’ll be good to go. You may never look at spending a few nights in the wild the same again.

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