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The Homesteader’s Secret Essential Thieves Oil Recipe

Did you know you can build your own essential thieves oil recipe? A true blue homesteaderA should, because every homesteader I know practically swears by the many benefits of thieves petroleum. It’s also interesting to know thieves oil history.

Legend tells of four thieves during the Black Death plague in the Middle Ages, who robbed the dead yet reportedly never contracted the disease. When eventually caught, they uncovered how they avoided the beset by scratching their bodies with an essential oil mixture, which we now know as thieves oil. True or not, it can’t be denied the power and popularity of this essential petroleum has endured for centuries. Ready to start cleansing and mending with thieves petroleum? Here’s a thieves essential oil recipe you are able to make at home!

How to Stimulate An Easy Essential Thieves Oil Recipe

Ingredients for Thieves Essential Oil

10 drops-off of Clove Oil 9 drops of Lemon Oil 5 drops of Cinnamon Bark Oil 4 fells of Eucalyptus Oil 3 drops of Rosemary Oil Homemade Protective Essential Oil Blend Photo by The Prairie Homestead

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