The latest ‘Mario Kart’ kills a controversial fire hopping speed trick

Gone are the days of hop-skip backward and forward in Mario Kart to give you that extra second of increase around corners. In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, flame hopping has been removed.

In case you’re a MK8 casual( don’t obses, you’re not alone ), flame hop-skip is a way to maximize the amount of increase you get from straying. As GameXplain presents above, you basically waggle backward and forward while hop-skip to give yourself a slightly longer hasten grow after a float increase. But, to the enjoy of some, this trick is not stirring the jump-start from MK8 to MK8 Deluxe .

Fire hop-skip is a trick that’s exclusive to MK8 , and some players involved in the online community are glad to see it leave because it has become permeating to a fault.

Of course, some players are going to die on the flame hopping mountain and boycott MK8 Deluxe because this is the internet.

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