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This country plans to build a structure taller than the Burj Khalifa

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When we believe tall, we believe the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. India now wants to outdo the world’s tallest structure in its financial capital, Mumbai.

According to reports, a structure taller than the 828 -meter( 2,717 ft) Dubai landmark is being conceived. This would construct India home to the tallest built in the world.

The 163 -floor Burj Khalifa also houses the world’s highest observation deck that was built in 2014, some years after the building set up to public.

India’s Burj Khalifa-plan is a part of the government’s “dream project” of beautifying massive swathes of industrial wasteland by setting up dark-green boulevards, maritime museums, lavish houses and recreation centers.

However, citizens aren’t too chuffed about it. They want better public amenities first.

Dear Indian government, are you listening?

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