This Treehouse Hotel In Isolated Lapland Forest Lets You Sleep Under The Northern Lights

International architecture and intend company Snohetta has created the ultimate tree house in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. “The 7th Room” is a luxury hotel in Northern Sweden, near the Arctic Circle and its mission is to shorten the gap between people and nature.

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The design of such structures is based on the traditional Nordic cabin and comfortably sits on twelve editorial in an isolated evergreen pine forest 33 paws( 10 meters) above the field. The light wooden interior establishes a cozy atmosphere and large-scale windows give jaw-dropping the opinions of the Swedish Lapland, including the winding Lule River. However, one of its quite amazing features is an outdoor terrace with a netted base, which offers visitors an unforgettable suffer under the Northern Lights. Besides that, the nearly 600 square paws( 55 square meters) space hosts a social sofa field, bathroom, and two bedrooms. It accommodates up to five people and is accessible via a staircase and a small lift.

The wooden dwell belong to Treehotel which aims to introduce tourists to the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. Treehotel likewise owns a further six treehouse suites, all designed by Scandinavian designers, but the latest add-on by Snohetta is their tallest and larger one yet.

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