Top 33 Winter Homesteading Activities To Stay Productive For Homesteaders

Looking for some winter homesteading activities to stay productive during the cold winter months? Whether you are a neophyte or a homesteader with experience, you’ll be glad you found my post because it will inspire you to boost your homesteading skills.

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Winter Homesteading Activities to Stay Busy in Winter

Productive Homesteading This Winter

Winter is here and with it comes another familiar shift in our everyday activity. It’s a seasonal change, and it doesn’t happen in just one night like flipping the calendar page. Still, a few things do change.

Here on my homestead, winter means my season of rejuvenation, skill-building, and rest. These days, weeks, and months of the winter season are perfect for concentrating on building blissful homesteading skills.

Check out our list below for my top winter homesteading activities…

  • Cooking
  • Herbal Remedies and Self Sufficiency
  • Gardening
  • Livestock and Beekeeping
  • Homemaking Projects

1. Cooking From Scratch


I definitely prefer eating healthy food with natural ingredients. Cooking from scratch and extending cooking abilities help us understand how great of a task it is to prepare homegrown dishes in a way our family will savor and appreciate.

It allows us to eat in a particular regimen if our health needs it, without the need of some costly commercial nourishment.

Cooking from scratch allows us to save money too. It means it is not only inexpensive but it also provides tasty and fulfilling food.

A healthy diet provides the energy and stamina needed to support the busy, demanding, and long days of homesteading. Preparing it from scratch ensures it is indeed frugal and healthy.

Take note though that from scratch can be as simple or as difficult as your desire and time allow.

Here’re a few cooking from scratch recipes:

Cooking Lessons and Homemade Recipes are also great cooking and recipe resources.

That’s where I get some of my favorite recipes. They’re worth checking out!

2. Herbal Remedies


At this point, you folks probably realize that I am very enthusiastic about herbal remedies. There isn’t a better time for this winter homesteading activity.

Set a time for the opportunity to find out about various herbs and their healing agents. Or, consider issues that emerge in your home and research from there.

Does your child get a cough each winter? Ginger and elderberry might help you with that.

There are many approaches to using herbs as a normal cure. You can turn them into balms or homegrown tea, and few people even realize they can utilize homegrown solutions for their pets rather than taking them to the vet for every little thing.

I suggest if you haven’t started venturing to essential oils, you can start it now by learning the basics here. It can be a bit time-consuming at first since you need to learn about the oils and ensure you are using them appropriately—everyone is distinctive—however, it can be incredibly fulfilling.

Get special deals on herbal remedies and essential oils here.

3. Pre-Gardening


Unfortunately, winter doesn’t support lots of gardening activities. However, this is the perfect winter homesteading activity to plan and stay ahead!

Most of you probably already have some kind of garden operation going, so I recommend trying to improve it. Reflect on the last year, and choose what worked well for your homestead and what didn’t.

Were the pests awful? You can plan ahead on ways to get rid of them and make your homestead pest-free.

Were there plants overcrowding the other? You can re-arrange them if necessary, or add some fence to section off some plants.

I would definitely think ahead about when some of my favorites can live outdoors, and decide when to plant the seedlings indoors so my garden can get started as soon as possible! Read up on some gardening expert tips to improve your garden for new ideas. has plenty to offer. I highly recommend you check them out.

4. Livestock And Beekeeping


If you have space and desire, raising animals with realistic goals can be a very worthwhile pursuit. I have a few chickens and goats to keep me company.

If you’re not raising livestock in your homestead, you can support local farmers and feel at ease and comfortable with such choice. However, there’s a lot of joy of having your own fresh eggs, milk, and meat raised by one’s own hands.

If you decide to take in a new animal, choose it as your next winter homesteading activity. It’s the best time to read up about those animals and their needed care.

If beekeeping is part of your plan, then the winter season is the time to build hives and learn how to care for them once they arrive on the homestead. If possible, look for a local beekeeping group and be part of it now and learn from experienced folks in your area.

We did this and while I’ve read books about them, I still find my local group as the best source of information and education.

5. Canning


There are lots of veggies and fruits still in the season amid fall, from cranberries to tomatoes to jalapenos, so there still a lot of canning to do. You may even have some reserved in the freezer you use for canning and preserving.

Obviously, when you complete your top preservation technique for your winter homesteading activity, you’re going to have a lull. This is the point at which I suggest using your DIY attitudes for everything else!

If canning is one of your preservation methods, make sure you know how to properly use your canning supplies. Know how to use your canning supplies properly to ensure the quality of food and long shelf life.

You can also make homemade baby products, candles, homemade laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and anything else you need to stock up for whatever remains of the year! But, try not to stress yourself.

It’s still best to make a list and follow a plan to make sure you’ve got what you need and you miss nothing.

My personal favorite canning kit has everything you need and you can grab it here.

6. Dehydrating Your Food


Dehydrating your food is an amazing homestead project during a lazy afternoon. Your food will definitely last longer through dehydrating.

Learn awesome tips on how to dehydrate your food and have a stockpile this winter.

7. Build an Indoor Garden


You don’t need to have a green thumb to be able to build an indoor garden. You just need to have a will to have fresh greens all year round.

Who doesn’t want that? I made a sweet indoor garden and this allowed me to have fresh delicious greens even in dead winter. Start with these 15 vegetables and greens for your indoor winter garden and don’t forget to have indoor grow light to give them extra lighting.

8. Plan Your Very Own Square Foot Garden


A square foot garden is a wonderful winter homestead project! I love and enjoy my very own square foot garden so much.

I bet you can also come up with your very own design. In time, you’ll be able to grow your own food in a small space.

9. DIY Winter Blankets


Just in time for the cold weather! So, if you want to keep your whole family cozy and warm, you better make them their very own DIY warm winter blankets.

I know they’ll appreciate your effort.

10. Make a Rag Rug


A cold floor will remind you of the cold weather outside and that will surely dampen your spirit. Don’t let that happen!

Go to your closet and find some tarnished clothes to make your own rag rug. It’s a fun winter project to help you beat the winter boredom and coldness.

11. Learn How to Tie Knots


Do you know how to tie some basic knots? It is a must for people who like to spend time outdoors to at least know basic knot tying.

Specific knots are required for different types of situations like hiking, boating, putting up a tent, and the like. It’s key to be able to efficiently tie a knot and know its purpose.

It might save your or somebody else’s life one day.

12. Soap Making


Want the luxury of making your own personal care products? Then you’ll enjoy making your own soaps during winter.

Don’t just settle for one. Enjoy and explore these 49 different soap making ideas.

13. Make Your Own Tonic Syrup


What does tonic syrup do? Well, it can enhance vitality and strengthens the immune system.

Since it’s winter, it’s also the season for the cold and flu. Don’t let anyone in your family miss any of the winter fun activities just because they’re sick.

Prepare your very own tonic syrup from all-natural ingredients and fight off the cold and flu this winter.

14. Prepare Crockpot Drinks


Put your crockpot to good use by making some warm and fancy crockpot drinks. I’m sure everyone on your homestead will be in a festive mood once you serve them a warm and simmering crockpot drink.

15. Make a Homemade Calming Lavender Lotion


This is the best alternative calming lotion. It’s chemical-free, moisturizing, and it can be your perfect Valentine’s day gift.

16. DIY Lavender Laundry Detergent


I love homemade products, even my laundry detergent is homemade. This DIY lavender laundry detergent is my favorite.

It makes my laundry day more enjoyable and relaxing. And, believe it or not, even in winter, I still let nature dry our clothes through line drying.

Give it a try!

17. Sew a Dog Coat

Don’t forget to help your beloved pooch stay warm this winter season. You know how much joy they give us, so it’s right that we keep them warm and cozy as well.

Show some gratitude by sewing a dog coat perfect for your canine.

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18. DIY Fleece Fabric Craft


I love fleece, especially during winter! It’s warm, comfy, and I can find lots of uses for it. Every winter, I always have time to create a craft out of it.

This fabric will keep you busy and gives you some products that are absolutely useful during winter.

19. Knit Your Heart Out


If knitting is your thing, winter will give you the luxury of time. Once trapped indoors, knitting is the perfect activity to pass the time.

Have fun with these 33 easy knitting projects and set aside the winter blues.

20. DIY Hand Warmers


Hand warmers don’t need to be expensive. DIY it, and add your most creative personal touch to make it even warmer.

Stay warm this winter with DIY hand warmers.

21. Crochet a Blanket


If knitting is not for you, a crochet project will do. Keep busy and warm this winter with some blankets you can crochet.

22. DIY Some Accessories


Winter can give you ample time to craft some beautiful accessories to elevate any look. Make use of the season to DIY some accessories on the comfort of your couch and with a hot drink on your side table.

23. Clean Up


Do a general cleaning with DIY natural cleaning products. A clean home will definitely boost your spirit.

And, winter is not an exception for not having a clean home.

24. Composting for Planting


Winter is the perfect time to prepare your compost pile for planting season. Take advantage of the fallen leaves and soil nutrients that are just sitting on your ground and go about the process of composting your soil in time for planting your healthy produce after winter.

25. Bake Your Own Bread


One of the best things you can do while you are cooped up in your home this winter season is to bake some soft, warm, and sweet-smelling bread. And if you don’t know how then winter is the perfect season for you to take the time and try out some bread recipes!

26. Shopping for Plants and Poultry


Do you know that prices hike up during springtime and summer days when it is more convenient to plant and grow your livestock? So why don’t you save some of your money and start shopping ahead during winter when all the prices are low, that way you are prepared and ready to expand your garden and enhance your poultry area.

27. Make Some Butter


Among other things that you can bake or make during the winter season, one of the best products would be butter. Homemade butter is the best in taste and is very easy to make.

Make and store some for this winter season and you’ll never go hungry again!

28. Tools Maintenance


This would be the best time to check all of your tools and work equipment to confirm that everything is still in working condition. If there’s anything needed for repair or replacement then at least you’ll have them all ready by then, before they are even needed for work.

29. Churn Some Cheese


Although you may not have the modernized machine or equipment to make your own cheese, this season will be the perfect time to make some cheese, and possibly store it for the next couple more months. A lot of processes are being discovered on how to make homemade cheese and it’s always best to learn a new skill every now and then!

30. Clean Your Chimney


Make sure to have your chimney spick and span in time for a warm fireplace for the winter. However, frequent use will require you constant cleaning so make sure to have it maintained well until springtime.

31. Hunting and Trapping


Although you won’t find the usual game to hunt during the winter season, there will still be enough for meat and fur to last till spring.

Set out traps for wild game and observe state rules for hunting and trapping.

32. Winter Forage


You’ll never know what new edible plant or medicinal herbs you’ll find during the winter so make use of this season to gather some items that are only in season in your region. The most common winter foraging items would include black walnuts, rose hips, pine nuts, tea berries, and so much more!

33. Indoor Games and Books


Winter season may be a long while for you to stay indoors and unless you’ve got a chatty companion living with you, then the months will soon be a bore. So better settle with a good book in the nook of your warm home or liven the nights with some indoor games with the family!

Want to see how modern homesteading prepare for winter? Check out this video from OFF GRID HOMESTEADING With The Boss Of The Swamp:

These are just a few suggestions on how you can spend your long winter months productively. I have a tendency of getting a little bit down during winter, as do a lot of people, and it really helps me when I have things on my list to accomplish!

I hope you’ll find some inspiration in this list. Happy Homesteading!

What winter homesteading activities boost your homesteading skills? I’d love to hear how you keep busy in the winter and prepare your homestead for the year ahead! Let me know in the comments section below.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 5, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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