Utilizes For Medicinal Weeds Commonly Found Around Your Home- Proportion 7

Welcome to Uses For Medicinal Weeds Commonly Found Around Your Home- Component 7! Letas take a quick look at the medicinal wild plants I have covered thus far.

Part 1: purslane, ground ivy, and chickweed

Part 2: thistle, wild violet, hairy bitterness, and prickly lettuce

Part 3: lambas one-quarters, mallow, stinging nettle, and chicory

Part 4: henbit, curly dock, garlic mustard, and amaranth

Part 5: daisies, sheep sorrel, and elderflowers

Part 6: mullein, yarrow, and horseweed

What do all of these wild plants have in common? They can usually be found close to or around your home.

Today, Iall encompasses the medicinal uses for cleavers, self-heal, and mineras lettuce.

Medicinal Weeds Found Around Your Home

Word of cautiona |

As I did in part 1-6, I would like to share with you two articles which include information on safety precautions you need to be aware of when foraging for wild, edible, plants. In my article, Foraging Tips for the 7 Most Common Edible Plants, I share great tips on things to consider and to look out for when you forage for any and all wild, edible plants. Another great article, aNeed To Knowa Rules When Picking Edible& Medicinal Plant, is written by Mykel Hawke, starring of Discoveryas aMan, Woman, Wilda. He also talks about considerations and safety precautions to take when foraging in the wild. I sincerely encourage you to read these articles if you have never foraged for wild and edible plants. Foraging can be a great experience but, safety precautions are a must!

Letas get started!

Cleavers( Galium aparine)

Cleavers grow in moist/ wet areas such as riverbanks, for example. The stems are prickly and have thin leaves. The foliages, seeds, and stem have velcro-like, hook-tipped hairs. The flowers are a whitish-green color and have 4 petals. You can eat the entire plant as a tea which possesses detoxifying properties. The tea is used to purify the liver, bladder, kidney, and blood.

Additional health benefits of this tea include 😛 TAGEND Helps to reduce liquid retention. Helps to clear up urinary infections, urinary stones, and gravel. Soothes the symptoms of arthritis and gout. 1 cup of boiling water 2-3 teaspoons of dried cleavers( recollect, the entire plant can be used/ dried) Kidney problems Heart Diabetes Fever Sore throat Laryngitis Diarrhea Tumors Cancer Abrasions, cuts, and bruises Sprains Ulcers 8 ounces of hot water 1-2 teaspoons of dried ego heal

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