Want a real relationship? Find yourself someone who loves HGTV.

Which one will you desire? Which one will you roll ?

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Forget the questions youre meant to ask about potential soulmates, Does she have a good sense of humor? Does he like “cat-o-nine-tails”? Who cares!

The only real question you need to be asking yourself if you want to find a solid life partner is Do they watch HGTV?

Why, you are able to ponder, does this help me? What about being a devoted observer of our countrys more good cable channel shapes person a better life partner? Well, let me tell youuuuuuuuu.

First and most importantly, a desire of HGTV demonstrates that you are curious and am worried about other people. House Hunters( and its more escapist cousin House Hunters International ), Love It or Roster It, Beachfront Bargain Hunters, Caribbean Life, Log Cabin Living. Theyre all about other folks lives.

If youre capable of get endowed, even if just for 30 times, in the mundane choices that strangers on Tv make about their dwellings, should be considered how good youd is currently under caring about person IRL. Find someone who dedicates an entire afternoon to binge-watching House Hunters, and theyre is about to be the best partner ever.

The flipside of this is that anyone who gets into these depicts likewise gets off on judging the choices of others. And what could possibly build someone more fun to hang out with than a finely-honed ability to make fun of other people? Nothing delivers people together like a shared hatred of someone elses need to have a mortal cave or a kitchen dripping in marble countertops.

An obsession with HGTV is also a sign that youll be a great partner when it comes to take the plunge into the real estate market together. You dont watch all those depicts without picking up a few practical pointers.

Watching redevelopments marathons together is also a genius route of assessing whether you share the same values and priorities when it comes to how you live. And it’s an excellent means of fantasize about the type of house not to mention the kind of relationship you’d like to build together.

Obviously if you’re not looking to settle down, you probably don’t want to hook up with someone who prefers to spend 24 -4 8 hours every weekend glued to the sofa.( Though, candidly, don’t knocking that lifestyle unless you’ve tried it .) This advice only applies if you’re looking to land someone for the long term.

If that’s you and, heaven outlaw, your mash is not a fan of watching people house hunt and spat over paint colours and the is necessary to a giant living room in which to entertain, plunge them like you’d plummet a termite-infested three-bedroom fixer upper.

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