Wanting to get into organic farming!

Hi all!

I am a 26 yo Canadian woman, running and detesting a policy analyst task in Ottawa, Canada.

I studied International Development in my undergrad, and have aspirations to go back to school for a masters( maybe in community development/ scheming ). I am very passionate about sustainability, community developing, etc…

Recently I have been very interested in working in organic farming. I love plants( i’m vegan ), the earth, the outdoors, and have been called recently to working with my hands as well as know more about sustainable farming, permaculture, etc.

I was wondering what your tips-off are for breaking into the field? I have noticed that all the job postings are for experienced farmers. Should I WWOOF first? Or do you know of any organic farms that pay a wage for new farmers? Should I study a program first?

Any advice you have is appreciated 🙂

Thanks so much !!!

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