Watch woman cooking elaborate meals in the office using just random equipment

This probably isn’t what they had in intellect when they said the agency equipment was multi-functional.

From frying pancakes on her CPU, to eating hotpot from a ocean dispenser, one Chinese woman is cooking up a blizzard employing merely the stuff detected around her office.

Nicknamed “Office Little Ye”, the woman’s videos going to go viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo, with some of her videos scoring nearly 20 million views.

She uploads a brand-new “cooking episode” formerly every few weeks, and some of her videos are also may be consulted in YouTube.

Here she is stimulating crepe-like hotcakes on her agency CPU while her co-workers look on nonchalantly 😛 TAGEND

And casually stimulating popcorn in a soda can, as you do.

And if popcorn’s not elaborated enough for you, here she is using a ocean dispenser to cook hotpot.

Oh, and “shes been” handmakes her own noodles.

“Office Little Ye”, who according to her profile hails from the Chinese city of Chengdu, has almost half a million adherents on Weibo.

“You are truly talented. Though I am curious as to why your boss enables you to do this, ” said one netizen on Weibo.

“Do you bribe your boss with meat so that he lets you do this? ” another asked.

“I was just wondering…is your company employ? ” one netizen added.

As of now it’s not clear what task exactly the woman has, or if her videos are a stunt approved by her company.

Either way, they’re still pretty amazing excuse us while we drool.

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